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  1. <p>

    Hi Falgener, Thank you so much for sharing this module! It is very useful, but I am trying to add some more fields to export and I am not sure how to do it. Could you please tell me what I must add to the class Export_orders_nvn extends Module list in the file export_orders_nvn.php, to add a field for TOTAL TAX PAID and COMPANY NAME? I would really really appreciate that!



    Some fields will be added today or tomorrow. :)

    Please read above - post #271, discussion about this version continues to http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/253734-module-export-orders-module/



  2. Hi, I just bought your extension and I've a few requests :)


    1 - Add the product combination ID

    2 - Add the discounted price for the products

    3 - Let the user choose the decimal separator character (in my country the decimal separator is the comma character, and excel doesn't recognize numbers with the dot).


    1/,2/ - ok, will be added.

    3/ - It is already there - OPTION: Comma as separator in number :)

  3. I've looked into the source code - this error you can not get in "Test now", but in "Run Images processing now".

    Check what's in the line Last Status:

    If there is: Image ID 1 Error: No JPEG create support.

    - Check web root/img/p/ directory and subdirectory and files permission - should be 750.

    Permission sometimes change - It usually happens when you migrate the site or when restoring from a local to ftp.

  4. Hi Falgener,


    Please link users to a dedicated forum thread in the "Paid Section" to discuss and support your Paid module. All discussions and support on this thread and any thread in the 'Free Modules' sections should be concerning free modules with the Zip or direct download link in the post. Thank you!


    Hello all ,


    Discussions about paid version is here:





  5. Export Orders into csv or html or xml or Excel xls and xlsx.

    Download: http://netvianet.com...ort-orders.html

    Tested for Prestashop from version 1.4.1 to latest 1.6.x

    Free update.


    More than 150 fields for export, + Multiline field, + 16 Calculated fields.


    - from last exported orders
    - from date
    - to date
    - automatic day from - to now
    - order status
    - Carrier
    - Supplier
    - group by (order num., customer num., customer group, product id, manufacturer, supplier)
    - sort result by each field
    - shop name (in multi store)
    - Only Orders with Invoice


    - number format in export (Comma as separator in number, keep leading zeros of Phone, Postcode, etc. for MS Excel)
    - round decimals
    - date format in export (d/m/Y H:i:s or international standard notation)
    - CSV delimiter
    - encode output to Your charset
    - CRON links for six settings
    - change exported orders status



    - Excel 2007 xlsx or Excel 5 xls
    - csv
    - html
    - xml
    - user defined xml or xml transformation via XSLT stylesheet (read more...)

    - Send exported orders to e-mail
    - Send exported orders to ftp

    - CRON support for automatic sending (CRON links for six settings)

    - Live export, immediately, automatically after new Order is created.

    - OPTION to rewrite XML elements tag, CSV columns + buttons direct from module

    - Six alternative settings for easy switch fields, filters and option

    Available fields:
    Order No,Ape,Artibute image links,B2B company,Calculated Field1,Calculated Field10,Calculated Field11,Calculated Field12,Calculated Field13,Calculated Field14,Calculated Field15,Calculated Field16,Calculated Field2,Calculated Field3,Calculated Field4,Calculated Field5,Calculated Field6,Calculated Field7,Calculated Field8,Calculated Field9,Card brand,Card expiration,Card holder,Card number,Carrier external module,Carrier ID,Carrier Name,Carrier tax_rate,Category ID,Combination price,Combination wholesale,Combinations,Currency,Currency conversion rate,Customer Group Name,Customer Message,Customer No,Customer website,Customized data,Date Added,Date Updated,Default Image link,Delivery Address1,Delivery Address2,Delivery City,Delivery Company,Delivery Country,Delivery Country code,Delivery Date,Delivery DNI,Delivery Firstname,Delivery Lastname,Delivery No,Delivery other,Delivery Phone,Delivery PhoneMobile,Delivery Postcode,Delivery State,Delivery State code,Delivery VAT number,Ecotax,Ecotax tax rate,Email,Feature value,First Name,Gender,Gift Message,Gift Wrapping,Group reduction,ID address delivery,ID address invoice,Id attribute,Id Customer Group,ID Manufacturer,ID order state,ID Supplier,Images links,Invoice Address1,Invoice Address2,Invoice City,Invoice Company,Invoice Country,Invoice Country code,Invoice Date,Invoice DNI,Invoice Firstname,Invoice Lastname,Invoice No,Invoice number prefix,Invoice other,Invoice Phone,Invoice PhoneMobile,Invoice Postcode,Invoice State,Invoice State code,Invoice VAT number,Last Name,Manufacturer Name,Multi-line Field,Order Detail ID,Order reference,Order status,Payment,Product attribute id,Product description,Product EAN13,Product ID,Product Name,Product pack,Product Price,Product Quantity,Product Reference,Product UPC,Quantity discount,Recycled Packaging,Reduction amount,Reduction percent,Shipping Number,Shop name,Siret,Supplier Name,Supplier reference,System messages,Tax Rate,Tax total amount,Tax unit amount,Tax-tax rate,Total Discounts,Total discounts tax excl,Total discounts tax incl,Total Paid,Total Paid Real,Total paid tax excl,Total paid tax incl,Total price tax excl,Total price tax incl,Total Products,Total products with tax,Total Shipping,Total shipping tax excl,Total shipping tax incl,Total Wrapping,Total wrapping tax excl,Total wrapping tax incl,Transaction ID,Unit price tax excl,Unit price tax incl,Validity,Voucher name,Voucher value,Voucher value tax excl,Weight,Wholesale Price


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  6. Hello everyone, I have problem in PS 1.2.5. I use the newest version Always I get error: Sorry, but there are NO NEW orders to export with this filters and options setting. In PS 1.5.1 with the same settings is it OK. Have someone the same problem? Thanks


    Hi, for prestashop version 1.2.5 do this:


    Edit export_orders_nvn.php on line 515:


    INNER JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'customer_group AS cg ON (cg.id_customer=cu.id_customer AND cg.id_group=cu.id_default_group)




    INNER JOIN '._DB_PREFIX_.'customer_group AS cg ON (cg.id_customer=cu.id_customer)

  7. Cron support would be huge for me. The person I'm working for requested a csv for every successful order and then have them sent over ftp to a separate server. I haven't bought the module, but when I do, I was thinking of trying my hand at implementing such a system myself. I can let you know how it goes.


    ver. 0.9.7 added CRON support and send to Email

  8. Hello there.


    Forget about csv... OpenOfice is comfortable...


    Module for import and update categories, products, atributes, features and images.


    Controlled manually or by CRON


    Fill a file in OpenOffice Calc, upload images and import.ods to server and import.

    See the attached example.


    Before buy You may send me PM with Your email - possibility to try on a test e-shop.


    Download and more info on netvianet.com


    Best Regards



  9. I was just wondering if there is any news on the patch? I'm not sure if you got what I was trying to point out. It's currently quite tedious to go through and check to make sure the exported csv do not include the orders with incorrect current status.

    Next week I'll have time to do a revision of the module. :)

  10. Doesn't work. I am not sure what the "Use the Order date range for Order status filter." does but checking and unchecking produces same result. Have you tested on your side with some orders?


    I hope you got the meaning of my post #244 right. Basically when the filter Order Status is selected, only orders with the LATEST order status same as the "Order status:" filter should be exported.



    As far as I tested, give not the same results. Example:


    Order #000109

    04/29/2013 11:41:05 Delivered

    04/28/2013 11:40:21 Preparation in progress

    01/31/2013 12:23:31 Awaiting cheque payment


    1/ If "Use the Order date range for Order status filter." is not checked.

    It does not matter what date from/to filter you set.. if Order status filter is "Delivered", Order #000109 wil be exported. (The last order status corresponds with the filter. Export Order #000109)


    2/ Check "Use the Order date range for Order status filter."

    - set Date to: filter to 04/28/2013

    If Order status filter is still "Delivered" Order #000109 will be not exported, (Because 04/28/2013) was #000109 not in this state "Delivered")

    - Now Set Order status filter to Preparation in progress - wil be exported.


    So it is, in my opinion correctly.

  11. Hi Pressed0024,

    Thank you for the explanation.

    I understand now what you mean.

    Date filters I have not intended as linked to the status of orders.

    I export orders, which now have a "Order status" specified in filter.


    I'll fix it as you suggest. Perhaps it will suit for everyone. :) Or I add the option for both.



  12. Just bought it but it won't seem to list customers from 2012? Why might this be? I don't have any filters enabled. I've even tried forcing it to give me orders from November to December 2012 and it's telling me there are no orders to export with this filter.


    Can anyone help?


    PrestaShop has been updated since 2012? Newest orders are exported? Or You deleted a language in BAckOffice? (Old Orders are likely stored in a different language ID than the default settings). Just what I deal with in a different context...

  13. Falgener, tested, Order Status Filter bug still don't work. Payment Accepted was filtered but Refund orders still came up. This are older orders about a week ago. Or does your patch only start working for new orders? (should work for old orders as well)



    I did not know that there is a problem even with Refund orders. Can you specify?

  14. Hello all,


    Please be sure to only post Free Modules in this section. If the module is not free, it should be on the Paid Modules section.


    Yes, there are still older free version. Only the latest is paid (? ph34r.png 5 EUR biggrin.png ). Has more filters and options. A little bit support for users.(Forever free update for example..)



    To Pressed0024: Perhaps as soon as I find a stupid mistake. rolleyes.gif



    Free version (0.5.0) here:



    Latest version 0.5.1:


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  15. Thanks Falguener, i tried what you said and it is giving the same error.

    I downloaded the version from your onlineshop, the Sponsor one.

    What can I do?

    It is urgent that I export de data.



    Yes, I have discovered the problem. :huh::blink:

    The error only appears when you switch administration into Spanish. I'll fix it soon (tomorow) . For now use My preferences in backoffice and switch to English.

    Or rename es.php file in module directory to something or delete.



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