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  1. Sorry, but sure not. Is not prepared for Multi Store.
  2. From PrestaShop to PrestaShop products import Module to import products, categories, images and manufacturers into another installation of PrestaShop. - Need to download the complete products of other PrestaShop? - Or if You are distributor / supplier, You may use this free module for export products. If Your client is on PrestaShop, need only this import xml module for import and update Your products. - Or if you have shop A, shop B and shop C, you can modify the products only in the shop A. And automatically update products in the e-shop B and C. (Or, for example, export only selected categories from A and change, for example only product prices in B, C.) In this moment, this module can help You - http://netvianet.com...l-products.html It also works as a CRON job, if You import many products. Module for export XML products from source site is free. (xml or csv format) Maybe will be usefull for another use. Short video: http://youtu.be/u83bQh8F6qs
  3. Hi James, I have a special request to add any calculated fields. So I do it generally for all in the next version, next week. Direct from module interface.
  4. Hi, Yes, in some future release... At this moment You may simple edit in nvn_export_orders.php, in function nFields() from the line 970, example array('oo.id_order AS order_id', $this->l('Order No'), 1,1,1), array('oo.payment AS payment', $this->l('Payment'), 2,1,0), ..... etc. part after AS is used as XML elements tag. It must be one word and must be unique. Use editor with UTF-8 support. But if You update, changes will be lost...
  5. 1.0.4 version: Added multiple select field for "Order status" filter
  6. Ok, plus add "Order status" filter will be maybe solution? I will add multiple "Order status" filter in next version.
  7. Hi Josraso Download / update from Your module new version 1.0.3. ( Show/hide all filters and options improved, automatic "Date from" filter added, "Group by" fix, date format option added, 8 new fields added.) Set "Last Exported Order ID" filter to -1 (disabled) Set "Automatic Day from to now:" filter to 1 (from yesterday to now) or to 0 (actual day only).
  8. Auto DateFrom, DateTo filter will be added in some next version. This might solve your problem....
  9. Next week, it is not so big problem :-)
  10. OpenOffice Calc read Excel Files, convert to Calc .ods file is no problem, for this moment is not direct support for excel. Sorry i write from iPhone :-)
  11. Yes, are the requirements for some new field, also Carrier will be added too
  12. Yes, it's true. In the next version I resolve differently - 1 click scroll down to "Export orders" button , instead hide/show filters.
  13. Hi, You may save some setting (filter, fields etc.) as Setting 1, then You may switch to "Alternative setting" (as Setting 2), select another fields etc and save as "alternative setting". - To quickly change filters, fields etc. settings
  14. Thanx Pel024 A small modification of link - http://netvianet.com/prestashop-export/20-export-orders.html or forum http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/253734-module-export-orders-module/
  15. So, the new version is out . Main changes: New interface for fields selection. Added export to XML. Added alternative setting. If you have a previous version - version 1.0.1 is installed, as a new module. You need not uninstall older version. Both version may work together. http://netvianet.com...ort-orders.html
  16. Hi, Order status filtering is repaired in 1.0.1, Carier Method field will be added in 1.0.2, OK? , now the priority is release 1.0.1. It's a completely new module. But the download will be still free from 0.9.x.x. What will be new in 1.0.1 - Added 1-click alternative settings, XML export format, Optional sequence of fields for export, etc ...
  17. Hi, In fact, the latest available version is (Adds only DNI / VAT number, - nothing important since In 3 - 4 days will be version 1.0.1. There will be many new . Thanks.
  18. OK, I'll do a quick temporary modification only for 1.4.6 - 1.4.9. Send You via email tonight ...
  19. Yes, I know about this problem. It's a little trouble between PS versions. (For example, PS 1.4.4 has no table ps_order_tax, from PS 1.4.6 is table ps_order_tax with fields id_order, tax_name, tax_rate, amount, ( = total for id order) from PS 1.5. is it in ps_order_detail table field total_price_tax_incl, total_price_tax_excl for each product in order) So it's a little more complicated. But it will be resolved in the next version.
  20. Hello all, Module for mass edit discounts direct from module or export and import discounts and prices via csv file. Support Percentage,Amount type, Fixed price Date from, Date to, Value, From Quantity. Separate discount for each combination. New for version 2.x – added manufacturer, supplier and search filters – currency and customer group – added prices edit – improved settings link to module page: http://netvianet.com/home/29-discounts-specific-price.html more info: http://www.praotec.com/prestashop-nvn-discounts-prices-module-quick-help/
  21. No, no, version is just a quick update. For the impatient. I will do a complete (big) revision, that will solve #250 and and much more. But it will take a while. This version adds some fields: Invoice Company, Invoice First name, Invoice Last name, Delivery Company, Delivery First name, Delivery Last name, Supplier name, Supplier ID, Product attribute ID, product quantity discount, reduction percent, reduction amount, group reduction. (+ total price tax excl, total price tax incl for PS 1.5.x only) Because the new fields have been added, a better procedure is - uninstall the old and install the new version, or overwrite old version and then check settings and SAVE.
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