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  1. The price is discounted to 150€ for a period of time. You can buy it at http://ek-si.net
  2. Hi. Not so many people want the Adv. stock management feature, so I leave it for later (I can make it with a fee). It is working with adv. stock management feature turned on, but cannot use the warehouses, it gets/updates only the webshop stock. You can use it for all of your webshops with one license.
  3. EK-Si POS v5.2.0 for PS 1.6, 1.5, 1.4 is ready to be purchased. There is also a big speed improvement in this version: opening time reduced by ~12x for 8000 products (12sec to 1sec!). I won't raise the price for a while, it is €200 as earlier. You can buy it at http://ek-si.net/
  4. Hello again! At last the EK-Si POS v5 for PrestaShop v1.6.x is ready for testing! And I give support like the good old days Please help me to find issues -if any- and try it at: http://ps16.ek-si.net/pos5/ password: demodemo backoffice: http://ps16.ek-si.net/admim/ email: [email protected] password: demodemo If there are no problems with this version for two weeks, I will publish it. You might buy it for 300€ for PS ver.1.6.x; for the older versions of PS (1.5 & 1.4) is the old price (200€). Please notice that I haven't add new features to this version, only support for PS 1.6.x added; fixed the printing bug in google chrome, and this has more usable key sizes in mobile devices. Please ask your questions.
  5. I had health problems -mostly related to working too much, and others-. I am better now but there are waiting requests, first I have to make these, then I could give support. I will inform in here when I am ready.
  6. Try to change/check all directory permissions to 755, or 777 only for pos/home/
  7. Find the store name in PS back-office -> Customers -> Addresses and change its password. Yes.
  8. Please don't try to use this on PS 1.6.x. I don't know what would happen, since haven't tried it yet.
  9. No, It can't send sales to the fiscal printers memory. You can only use it to print receipt if you have its OS printer drivers.
  10. Thanks Marco I am getting many good responses by email, nice to see them here too.
  11. Hi Hernán, You can choose customer by typing first two letters of her/his name. for ver.4: Type ex:"ke" in the top-right field; for ver.5: click the woman symbol on the left then type ex:"ke" in that field. To add a new customer: for v4: press ENTER in the top-right field. for v5: click the woman symbol, then click the + sign.
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