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  1. Falgener, just updated to 1.0.1 then 1.0.2. OMG! It's super good! Fixes the order status filtering. Love it!


    This is the best module for it's price, EVER! Really powerful.


    Can't wait for you to make more time saving modules like this. I use your module daily to process my orders and shipping labels.


    btw, what's the difference between checking and unchecking "Alternative Setting" ?

  2. Pressed0024: It's not a huge security issue *if* you know about it and deal with it, so that's why I disclosed that since it will be an issue with any zendesk integration.


    Not understanding the purpose of the iframes? Right now, I have SSO(single sign on) working and customers' zendesk tickets displayed on admincustomer page in a table, with links directly to ticket on zendesk.


    Also not seeing a lot of interest here to justify developing it beyond my own needs and packaging it all nice and pretty... will probably just drop a 'help yourself' zip file like my other work


    Would love to give your "help yourself" zip file a try if you post one! :)

  3. Have you considered going to express checkout only? That way the address information is entered on the paypal side.


    This may solve the problem but we lose important stored address data which can be used for customer service related enquiries by customers at post-sales.


    The best way to handle this seems to be to display a proper error message to the customer and handle the error more gracefully. i.e. redirect the customer back to the address step and have a warning saying they have a typo in the address details, so they can change it.


    This may help lessen customer's stress of having to enter their credit card details each time a failed address is experienced. However, customers may keep thinking "St. Clair Shores" is the correct spelling for his City instead of "Saint Clair Shores" and keep attempting many times and still experience the same error message. After maybe 3 times, he gets frustrated not knowing what's the problem and leave the store. Worst, we may not be registering this error because no failed order attempt is created this way. Merchants are left in the dark without knowing they are losing sales due to incorrect City spelling.



    I think so far for US addresses, a pre-defined list of City in a form of a drop down menu would solve this problem from the bottom line. When filling up the address section in downwards order, the State field should appear first before the City field. This allows the Cities to be filter to show only for the chosen State.


    Some UI experts out there may however have a better idea how this should be done. Let's discuss here

  4. The instagram bar look could have been more generic. Is this customisable? Not many stores prefer to have a huge instagram branded bar across the photo section. We could also have some simple instructions like "Snap a photo and tag them with #ipodnano to appear here" to encourage customers to tag otherwise they are not motivated.


    A photo approval system would be useful to prevent photo hijacking. Admin has option to approve before photo can appear.


    Instead of limiting 60 photos, you can do paging and limit photos that appear per page. Then there will be Next, 1, 2, 3, ...., Last (something like that, make it clean and web 3.0 like)


    Does this support Facebook hashtags? Many customers submit their photos on our FB page wall and they can also tag them there for it to appear in your module. Fb and instagram are 2 power sources of photos for brands now.


    Btw, your demo frontend isn't working. No Instagram images shown for ipodnano.



    If this module is done right, it can be really powerful and social for stores. This module can help my store and I'm waiting for it to mature before I buy it!

  5. Yeah! OK! Order status filtering was more important for me anyways.


    I can't wait for you to make this into one of the most powerful yet easy to use module for exporting order related data. I think your module can be used for many types of purpose. eg. Supplier order placement via excel sheet, order data storage, shipping list print out, packing list maker, order data analysis via excel graph, etc. That is a lot of usage for Eur 6 of my money :lol:


    Praying it comes out with few bugs :)

  6. Hi,

    In fact, the latest available version is (Adds only DNI / VAT number, - nothing important since


    In 3 - 4 days will be version 1.0.1. There will be many new :) .




    I can't wait! Hopefully the order status filtering for #250 gets worked out so it does not include old statuses.


    I also suggest adding the Carrier Method field to list the shipping method used for that order :)

  7. This might be a novel solution to your problem, http://ebewe.net/sho...tocomplete.html there is also a demo here http://ebewe.net/sho.../authentication


    Thanks for the wonderful suggestion


    It does save customer time in filling up their address but does not solve the Error 10736 because in my example of the City "East Greenville", customer would enter the street address, their city may not automatically appear. So he will continue to type the city "EastGreenville". Google api cannot detect and understand "EastGreenville" and will not show any results. Thus the customer will continue with the incorrect City spelling without the spacing and it gets submitted to Paypal.


    Another example, the street address "1310 E 6 th street" might throw up many different cities and states of which google won't list all. So customer would continue typing the City (while misspelling it) and no results get shown. This will also result in customer submitting wrong address data to Paypal.

  8. I'm losing sales each day due Paypal error 10736.


    ERRORCODE0 -> 10736L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Shipping Address Invalid City State Postal CodeL_LONGMESSAGE0 -> A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed.L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error



    This error occurs when customer mis spell his City. For example, if "EastGreenville" is used instead of "East Greenville", Paypal rejects the payment and throws the error. Customer keeps trying and have no idea what's wrong.


    The solution is to use a drop down menu for known cities that Paypal checks in USA, Brazil, Canada (so far that I come across that checks for cities). However, Prestashop is not willing to make city as a drop down menu as it will take a long time to load the address form page as mentioned in forge.prestashop.com.


    I'm sure many other merchants also face this problem.


    Any developer that is willing to come out with a Paid module that effectively solves this problem without degrading page slow speed, I will buy your module. I'm also willing to pay you to develop and later take ownership to sell it to others. Just make sure you are committed to maintain the module long term.

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  9. Not my highest priority since I've got a number of projects in the works, but I can atleast share single sign on if anybody wants it.


    Security issue: If you use single sign on and login as a customer whoes email matches that of an admin, they will authenticate as an admin. Since zendesk offers no api solution to this, there is no clear solution other than register a customer account on your shop for every matching admin.


    The security issue should be easy to fix once known to admins. Very few of us have >5 admins so pre-creating admin emails on the frontend to block them off isn't a lot of work.


    You mentioned Single Sign On, will the functions be all iframed? Or would they be something more solid integrated to Presta? I would totally love this to happen either way and I bet many others would too!

  10. Need some help here guys.


    I'm trying to set the "From" header in the Contact Us email as my store address (I need to do this before my mail server Mailjet can't accept new "From" emails every time)


    At /controllers/front/ContactController.php


    I managed to set the "From" to:

    $var_list, $contact->email, $contact->name, '[email protected]', ($customer->id ? $customer->firstname.' '.$customer->lastname : ''),


    But the problem is now the "Reply-To" header follows [email protected] How do I set it as the customer's email? Which part should I be using the $contact->email ?

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