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  1. My store is slowly building up with lots of cart rules from vouchers we issue to customers. It's now ~500+ and growing.


    I remember going through the codes and there were queries for cart rules somewhere related to checkout i can't remember.


    Does Prestashop query all cart rules when customer hits the checkout page as well as clicking "continue" to payment provider (Paypal)?



    Paypal: 3.6.1

  2. At Prestashop Forum, I posted that things got better when Origin Post was omitted from the Aftership tracking url: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/274639-free-module-track-all-your-shipments-for-108-carriers/page-6?do=findComment&comment=1527437


    Recently, Singpost shipments to USA seems to be going back to it's old ways. Showing "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" for random shipments.



    With "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" (confusing to customers)


    Without "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment"

    https://www.aftership.com/eJHf5aPkmO Jan 16 (last checked 24 Jan 15.24hrs +8GMT)


    Although "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" status is sent by USPS, but this status is really annoying. This status really has no meaning and only contradicts Singpost's "Despatched to overseas" status. To make matter worst, Origin Post status likes to appear 3-8 days after Singpost's "Despatched to overseas" status :(


    The carrier label may help if customers are smart enough but in most cases an explanation is still required when asked by customer.

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  3. Hi Sim,


    It is working better with the new ordering logic.

    For "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" - we didnt do anything on that. I guess USPS has removed that somehow.


    Am glad you see the improvement. We have also added the courier at checkpoint level so people know where the tracking information comes from in case it tracks at both origin and destination countries.





    The feature improvements were useful. My customers find them informative as well.


    I actually sent Singpost and USPS separately with a long email last year December. Not sure if that made things work but am glad things are falling into place. What a pity we have no control over how the postal services post their shipping info even though at times they can be very misleading especially when 2 postal tracking data are meshed together.


    My email load and tracking complains are down quite a lot since last month. Thanks for everything!

  4. This was possible in 1.4 if i remember. Applying discounts only to shipping. I guess we have to manually make calculations now to make vouchers.

    It would be very stupid to make manual calculation for vouchers. I'm not surprise if this used to work since it's a very basic feature all shopping cart software should have otherwise how are we supposed to truly use the voucher system.

  5. Hi Sim,


    Following your previous questions, AfterShip has some further updates.

    1. Display tracking results by checkpoint time

    2. Singapore Post API now provide the destination country code, and we display that accordingly

    3. We have updated the logic to avoid missing shipments import


    Let me know how it goes. 



    Andrew, AfterShip




    Things seem to be working better now. I will continue to monitor the shipments.


    I also noticed "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" status from USPS has been omitted for Singpost shipments which is good and less confusing for customers. Was this omission intentional?

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  6. I think the State request is done on Paypal server's side. However, since India doesn't use a State system, I'm not sure how should we have this solved.


    Paypal API servers checking city and states is getting annoying for me since its prevents a handful of failed orders which means orders are lost.

  7. I am developing new module that will allow you to select from back office which java to load top/bottom..


    the module profiles your existing .js, the you tell the module which files to load top/bottom...


    I will update this thread when it's ready...eta end of Jan. 2014


    I thought previously this was not possible since various themes will have different ways of implementing the js. Can't wait to see how this works out.

  8. I will try it when I have the time. I using Xenu for now suggested by you.


    Since you are into modules that significantly speed up stores, would you consider looking into delaying js scripts?


    Here's the challenge:




    Properly delaying the right js to footer can render pages faster by 1 sec.

  9. I have installed this module and I must say that I am impressed with the speed the pages are now displayed on my site.  There are more expensive caching modules than this but Page Cache does everything I need.  You can check out the performance on www.galvoshredders.co.uk (based in the UK so there will be a network lag if you are in another country.)


    The developer has also added a great function whereby you can clear the cache and statistics via a Cron job.  This allows me to clear the cache in the middle of the night before running a cache warming routine so that all my pages are cached and ready for visitors.  You may not want to do this if you have thousands of products, but this is the command I use:


    wget -r -D www.domain.com -l3 -P temp -x -R "*cart*","*order*","*My Theme Name*" --delete-after --output-file=log.txt --no-verbose http://www.domain.com/


    This touches all my pages without taking a long time or downloading the site.  You will obviously need to change 'domain' to your address and change 'My Theme Name' to your theme name (or delete this--it was just to stop wget from trawling areas I didn't want it to.)  The '*cart*' and '*order*' was to stop the products from being added to the cart.


    Anyway, great module and fast response from the developer so I highly recommend it.


    Where do you use this command? In cron?


    I'm also assuming this command uses the server's resources for the wget?

  10. Total page load time isn't my concern here. It can take up to 30 sec to fully load all DOMs including external ones, but this is meaningless since user wont really get to see this.


    I'm averaging 2-3 sec (using physical stop watch) page above the fold page render time. ~700ms spent on the initial HTML and another 800-900ms for the theme's js (including download time from maxcdn using testing tools). The rest probably makes up for my reaction delays pressing the stop watch.


    My target here is to bring initial HTML down to 200ms and theme's js to 200ms.


    I use Chrome dev tool, pingdom, webpagetest, gtmetrix. Whats more important for me is webpagetest's page render video which gives a better feel of what visitor experience.


    Seeing how difficult it is to squeeze that extra juice for initial HTML, i might as well look at delaying some js to footer to reduce download time (~100+kb).

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