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  1. Use this: Didnt quite work for me. Supplier Reference column still empty
  2. How to get Supplier Reference to show in BO product listing page?
  3. product_supplier_reference or supplier_reference? I checked my db and found the supplier_reference in ps_product table empty. The values are stored in product_supplier_reference field of the ps_product_supplier table. I tested swapping to product_supplier_reference, it still didnt work.
  4. I used the below but it didn't work. Only displayed the Supplier Reference column without data values. I checked the products, they have Supplier Reference values saved: $this->fields_list['supplier_reference'] = array( 'title' => $this->l('Supplier Reference'), 'width' => 90, 'type' => 'texts', 'align' => 'right', 'filter_key' => 'a!supplier_reference' );
  5. How to show Supplier Reference column at BO product listing page? /index.php?controller=AdminProducts&token
  6. Interesting. With 2gb RAM, it would be interesting to use it with default layer nav. I have a theme that uses Layer Navigation Block (mod). It is modified to work with rollover image and yotpo review at product listing page. If there is a module with feature to cache layer nav results in memory, it would have to work on top of existing layer nav module provided by the themes.
  7. Can Prestashop actually handle and put cache into memory? I thought those are server level config that needs to be installed by server admin (eg. APC). Forgive me if I'm wrong.
  8. While modules like Page Cache and JavaPro are making significant contributions to Prestashop speed, one thing that bugs me is the Layer Navigation Block. Because it cannot be cached, it needs to constantly query db. Unfortunately, while I'm getting acceptable speeds when toggling between filter options, I thought it should be near instant. I'm currently doing 1 sec with the above 2 modules turned on. Store has 280+ products with features and attributes. Is there any module that can bring this down to 0.2 sec for a much better user experience? Obviously my goal here is to NOT purchase more hardware.
  9. We need to display the Product Features in the Layered Navigation block and it needs to be sorted to our preferred sorting order for a better user experience for customer. There have been threads that suggest this but were for much older prestashop version. Anyone with a fix that do not require using 1. 2. 3. in front? Instead, the sort order to be defined in backoffice.
  10. Anyone of you having problems with USPS or Singpost shipments? Packages were physically either Delivered or had notice left at customer's location but Aftership statuses are stuck in "In Transit". We couldn't filter our "Exception" shipments because of this as they require urgent attention. Had over 100+ shipments like that.
  11. Woots! Looks like a solid module there! Does profiling slow down rendering since db needs to be called?
  12. We are starting to out grow Prestashop's default order comments system. The problem is that customer's emails can be coming from various avenues and it's hard to maintain them all at one place tagged to the order. Half of the customers don't use the Contact Us form with the order ID and simply email us using their private mail client instead. This means store admins can't keep our correspondence related to the order in one place. Modules like Zendesk currently aren't so user friendly. Default Prestashop's Customer Service feature is really way to outdated and unproductive. There is currently no module that can: extract incoming email sent via customer's personal mail client and tag it to an order able to answer email tickets that are general queries and not tagged to any orders like zendesk, allows customer to directly reply above the ==== lines of the email and prestashop capturing only the new email text contents instead of the whole history threads of email show order related correspondence directly at admin's order page replacing the "order comment" for increased productivity
  13. Can asysc and defer actually work together for a particular js? A quick technical brief of how the module works especially together with CCC and Full Page Caching would help those new to the concept of this module
  14. We also had issues with various carrier using different status strings from time to time. The only way to know there is a change of string in update status is when you are lucky enough to chance upon that shipment. User defined customs trigger "if contains string" maybe?
  15. In fact it's hard to stay relevant in any tech space I'm pretty sure there are still a huge bunch of Prestashop stores on older version and prefer not to take the risk of upgrading. Also, the upside of your module is that as long as the module is compatible with all 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, it's able to load js at top in 1.6 instead which some themes will find very useful
  16. Sadly the Quick view module is from the theme since it says Developed by :IQIT-COMMERCE.COM. Pity Quick View and Layered Navigation(mod) are the slowest loading as they need to query db a lot. The rest are very fast thanks to your module
  17. You can check 'warehouse' theme at themeforest. They use it. Handful of themes also use it. Not exactly using Xenu app but something similar to produce same outcome I find myself using Xenu often whenever there is code change and need to purge cache
  18. Glad i bought it earlier, module upgraded quite a lot. Wished there was built in Xenu. I do Xenu everytime I do editing to website codes Questions: My theme uses Quick View at product listing page. Can the popup Quick View also be cached? Suggestions: Change logs in forum 1st post
  19. 1) You don't moderate images appearing on instagram but what gets displayed on the prestashop widget (your module). As a store competitor, it's easy for me to bombard another store with my pictures containing my store url. The widget needs an approval process in case of spams 3) facebook uses #hashtags as well. If you can capture insta hashtags, you can also do the same for fb. Facebook is integrated with many SNS like tumblr etc which auto post text from Tumblr to Fb. This creates a good source of hashtags and user submitted photos.
  20. Hopefully module can: moderate customization of widget look capture facebook hashtags
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