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  1. Same problem. Hosting company said memcached is enabled but after using 11211. it still didnt work
  2. Unless you do something drastic, I doubt this zendesk module will be a reality. I have approached Freshdesk and waiting for their reply. Maybe we can start by seeing how many peeps would be willing to combine money to pay for a programmer to develop one.
  3. I use Zopim and Zopim integrates with Zendesk. If someone gets Prestashop to work with Zendesk, it will be a HUGE customer support booster for our business as all the support related queries from customers can be centralized. Prestashop's current ticketing system is really bad. If this Zendesk module can be linked to Prestashops orders and customer profile, it will be really useful! C'mon someone should be doing this by now, I have been waiting for this module since 2011.
  4. any news on this? I am still holding on to my zendesk purchase until something is released to integrate with prestashop
  5. In /tools/swift/Swift/Message.php line #79 when i change $this->setFrom(""); TO $this->setFrom("[email protected]", "Some Name"); In /tools/swift/Swift.php after line 370 if (!($has_reply_to = $message->getReplyTo())) $message->setReplyTo($from); Add the following code: if (!$has_reply_to[0]) $message->setReplyTo($from->getAddress()); It doesnt work. "Some Name" doesn't appear in my email name when received. Any idea how to make it work?
  6. Did you managed to fix this issue? Otherwise the module would be perfect.
  7. Emails subjects contain unwanted stuff, like [no_sync] and the Thread reference... >> Yes I get this too! I was from to 1.5.4 upgrade. This happens when customer sends us email using the Contact Us page. On customer side they will also receive the email with an ugly subject title ending with #ct1 #tc9jxcWz3iutdD Any help would be good
  8. Just happened to me. I only realized this today but the problem seem to have started on April 5 after doing some checks on my outgoing emails. No settings in BO have been touched at least for a good 2 months. This seem to just happen all of a sudden. Also good to note I am using Mailjet module.
  9. Regarding forum post #214/#206: Today made a mistake with one of my order. The exported csv will spit out as many rows as it can as long as the order has a new order status. Which means if "Payment Accepted" was updated twice in order, there will be 2 rows in csv. I made a mistake today and shipped out 2 packages of the same order Couldn't recall it back. All you need to do is fix it so that exported csv only reads the latest order status (based on the status filtered under "FILTERS". -- I'm enjoying using your module everyday. Saves me lotsa time copy/pasting addresses =D
  10. Yeah, finally SPACINGS #205 got solved! Saving myself more time now Left #214 for the order status export issue and it's about good Oh btw, you can add the title in the first row for exported csv for the "Spec multi-line Field" column. It;s missing
  11. I have not tried #215 but I think the issue you need to solve is the SPACING in the postal codes and telephone numbers. As you can see all these contains SPACINGS: =L4A 0Y5"" =(560) 944-0494"" =250 405 6060"" =4770 104"" I will wait for your next version which hopefully solves #214 as well.
  12. Fixed SQL for display "customer message" if is Filter "Group By - Same ID Orders rows are grouped."(post #204, maybe post #206 ) >> This is fixed but another issue happens if "Group By - Same ID Orders rows are grouped." is checked. If the order has 2 products and the order has "Payment Accepted" updated twice, the exported csv shows quantity as 4. I believe this has also to do with #206. The module seems to be reading ALL the status related to the module instead of the latest status only. This creates problem when the order has been updated with the same status twice or more.
  13. Just updated the module to 0.9.5. Exported csv opened in Calc still contains =XXX XX"" Still happens to postal codes and telephone numbers column. I exported in UTF-8. Attached are my settings. Here are example postal codes and telephone numbers which caused the problems. Maybe you can test on your end with orders that contains these postal codes and telephone numbers: =L4A 0Y5"" =(560) 944-0494"" =250 405 6060"" =4770 104"" = "" (empty cells normal do not contain this problem but I believe it's because customer enter a SPACING for the telephone number) The HTML export solves this problem but I have to copy paste them in excel. The way HTML is formatted creates 3 excel rows per order. It's hard for me to use it when doing sorting (because I may not want all the exported orders, so I may delete some rows). Btw, you might want to provide a title in first row for Spec multi-line Field for exported .csv
  14. Really need this! Have to looking around for ages!
  15. Any carrier you create should work, it does not only have to be DHL or UPS
  16. Can you report this bug in forge.prestashop.com so it can be included in the next release update?
  17. Nope, unfortunately it doesnt. The issue is way more complex than that. It is not something that can be changed via BO, it has to be hard coded because of how Prestashop sends the Contact Us emails. Any store owner using Mailjet will have a critical issue when trying to receive Contact Us email. Store owners will also face annoying Gmail yellow prompt even without using Mailjet because the "From" header "looks forged" in the eyes of Gmail. Still waiting for someone from Prestashop to fix this.
  18. Hi Flagener, did you managed to work on the issues highlighted in post #204, #205 and #206 ?
  19. Will this affect the database structure during future prestashop updates?
  20. The Order Status doesn't seem to be accurate. Despite selecting Payment accepted, it still exports Payment accepted and Refund orders. This bug happens sporadically. On some days, it seems to work just fine. I have ensured it's nothing to do with cache. Here is my current setting:
  21. I tested with my orders today with Swedish address. Didn't work too perfect though because even if I use Excel 2013 and Calc together, when copying from Calc and pasting to Excel 2013, the Swedish characters turns back to ? again. What I had to do is create a conditional formatting to turn the cell red when ? is detected. Not the best solution but at least works temporarily. On another note, I notice that for postal code, phone(s) and mobile phone(s) column, when "Keep leading zeros of Phone and Postcode for MS Excel" is checked, it does produce the ="" for all numeric cells. But for Canada postal codes, it turns out like that =L0N 5G4"" Same for phone numbers that have symbols in them =(401) 555-9850"" <----did not handle ( ) well =021 1666649"" <----did not handle space well ="+46709994361" <----this one is ok ="724-000-0971" <----this one is ok
  22. I also noticed "Customer Message" field disappears in exported csv when "Same ID Orders rows are grouped." is checked. Is this normal behavior?
  23. It's okay. I decided to use OpenOffice together with Excel 2013. It works and solves the UTF-8 issue and leading zero issue. This will however create extra steps for me. I initially didn't want to work with 2 softwares but guess now I dont have a choice. Meanwhile, I'd rather you work on the address format for individual country feature instead when you have the time. Would be quite useful for Mr Postman to correctly read in the right address format
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