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  1. One of the WORST module support ever!


    Just to vent out my frustration here. 


    The Aftership tracking service for Prestashop users is unreliable :(


    The Prestashop module broke for almost close to a month. Aftership tracking link gets stuck in transit despite carrier's site (eg. USPS.com) updating package is mis-delivered and notice left at door. My customers were innocently waiting for their package for close to 2 weeks without any updates only to find out it was Aftership's tracking link fault and that they would have been better off tracking at USPS site.


    We had to deal with 2-5 cases of customer complains a day due to Aftership's tracking link fault with some packages returned back at our expense.


    The dev were well aware of the problem. Emailed the developers on it about a month ago and was told it takes another 2 months to fix this?! The guys at Aftership don't seem to realize the issue is critical. Meanwhile, all free and paid Aftership users are affected. I don't think they took the Prestashop community seriously.

  2. Joe, your loyal first few customer here :) Have been duly following your forum post with my email subscription.


    Still as happy with your module as before.


    Currently 2.22 with PS


    Wana know if you advise migrating to latest PS version with your latest module? Or is it better to wait for PS to stable?


    I hate migration screw up nightmares, told you would be in better position to answer pertaining to your module (=

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  3. 2 days ago, my customers started reporting on my facebook that they are receiving "You cannot access this store from your country. We apologize for the inconvenience."


    I made sure Geolocation by IP address is disabled and all countries checked. I went on hidemyass and tested with USA Chicago Server, indeed it is blocked.


    Some facts:

    • No Geo settings were done in the past few months
    • No codes were changed that might potentially affect geolocation issue
    • Entire site's cache was built 1 month ago
    • After PageCache was purged, problem is fixed

    While the problem is fixed, I have some concerns. I have already built the entire store's cache a very long time ago. Let's assume someone somehow was blocked and sees the block page, it should not have triggered PageCache to rebuild the cache for the blocked page.


    I may not be on the latest PageCache version but i doubt it has to do with not having the newest version since the current version have been working pretty fine for a long time.


    PageCache 2.2

  4. The exact same code you recommended, just that I swap the table and fields accordingly. That apparently didn't work.

    $this->fields_list['supplier_reference'] = array(
                'title' => $this->l('Suplier Reference'),
                'filter_key' => 'supp!supplier_reference'
    LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_attribute` supp ON sa.id_product = supp.id_product
  5. I realize this table don't always store all supplier reference because some attributes are 0. There is another table which contains more accurate data.


    How do I get supplier_reference field of ps_product_attribute table instead? I tried replacing the table and fields using your solution but keep getting 


    • Bad SQL query
      Column 'reference' in field list is ambiguous



    Any help would be great!

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