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  1. We currently use swedish vat 25% in our shop for all eu-countries but from july 1st we will create vat rules for all countries in EU so we charge local VAT for each country (for example 19%) in Germany. The core feature works well however it always calculates the different EU-country prices based on our base price ex vat. For example a product is 1000 euro ex vat, 125 euro inc vat (the swedish vat is 25% so its 25€ vat). If someone from Germany orders prestashop calculates 19% from the 100€ leaving the price for German customers to 119€. We want to keep all prices inc vat the same regardless of which EU-country. So for Germany we would want the price to be 125€ for the german customers as well, but the vat should only be 19% (105€ ex vat, 125€ inc vat). But Prestashop calculates the price to 119€ (adding 19% vat on the original product price ex vat). We want to keep same price in all eu-countries but then our profit will be a bit different depending on the local vat. Anyone who know how to solve this instead of creating individual pricing rules for each country for all products?
  2. Safari, but Chrome worked now when i tried (the update). Safari did not work without update. Thanks a lot for the browser solution advice!
  3. Oh thanks i didnt notice that. Any clue why i come to the order search page if i click the export as csv button and click send?
  4. Would it be possible to add the product reference as well to the products sold table? If one product has 10 combination like color, size etc. It gets on several different rows now all mixed up. But if both ID is still there and also reference is added in a column it would be much easier to filter etc?
  5. We are in need to export an excel or similar with all the products id:s sorted in best selling descending. Does someone know how to do that in an easy way?
  6. THanks a loot. Looks great. Is it some kind of manual / doc somewhere that clarifies a bit on how to bulk-add accessory? Ive understood how to select the category for products to have accessory added, then choosed accessories on mass update, add and then there is a empty field. Should i enter the accessory product id there?
  7. We want to assign products ("Add related product" on product in BO) in bulk. For example Add "Product Helmet X" as related product to all products in Category "Bycycles". Does someone know if there is an easy way to do that to avoid doing it for hundres of products individually?
  8. Im looking for a way to limit the access a employee has to the order pages. I only want him to see a few statuses like "Being packed", "Return request" and "Returned" (wich i can set manually if needed). The core prestashop displays all orders and all statuses, but does someone know how to limit the access to only show a few selected order statuses for the employee? Thanks in advance!
  9. Tack ska testa den Kjeld. Vad gör modulen rent konkret för att stoppa spam?
  10. I need some redesign of my current shop and need someone with real front end visual skills. I need someone that can sketch a new mockup for my shop in .psd. Coding is not needed since I have this skill hired already. If you apply I want to see your portfolio (send this in your first message if you apply please) of hi quality e-commerce designs, and you need to have conversion skills and high knowledge in how to design a flawless e-commerce design. (my demands are high). Let me know your hourly rate or fixed price to make new design for : - home page including header & footer - product page - cms pages Send your offers in PM.
  11. Thanks but as I understand that module only sends a mail when status is changed to Payment Accepted? I need the status to be changes from Payment Accepted to Another status i have (id 13) every hour. I beleive that module does something else?
  12. I have the need to change my orders with "payment Accepted" to a certain other status every hour. I have searched and found this: http://blog.belvg.com/how-to-change-an-order-status-with-a-php-script-in-prestashop.html But unfortunately My knowledge is not good enough to adapt this to what Im after. I need the script to every hour at xx.55 (08.55, 09.55 etc...) change status of ALL orders with status payment Accepted to Another status. Does someone know if this is possible with a php script and can be added with crontab through prestashop? Big Thanks in advance!
  13. Någon som lyckats få till e-handelsspårning med klarna checkout i prestashop? Vilken url ska man ange som slutfört köp för att analytics skall spåra korrekt? Tack på förhand
  14. Is there any way to add a counter that lets me track how many visits my CMS pages have had? I dont want it to be visualized in frontoffice but I would like to see in backoffice or similar how many times my customers have read my different cms pages. Thanks in advance
  15. Im trying the latest version but cant get UTF to work correctly. ÅÄÖ in swedish is not working in the export. Ive checked old solutions but didnt find anyone for the latest version?
  16. I have tried the module and are trying to make it work nice with Google Merchant Center, however I have experienced some trouble I hope someone can shed some light on? 1. Im getting this error: "error on line 16 at column 156: Entity 'aring' not defined." Om not really sure why I get that? 2. Im told that I should enter google product category as well in the exported excel file. Is there any way to add this to the exported xml file? 3. I dont have any EAN number for my products, and google says I need to export the XML with the column "identifier exist" added and the value false in it on all products. Is that possible with this module also?
  17. I need a modification of the block layered module (or if you have created your own) that can display a sort by filter on top of category pages. It should be possible to sort on one feature only, or 2, 3 or 4 or whatever combination the customer needs. The dropdowns will mainly contain data from product feature, but also size will be needed. It should look something like this: I will only need it enabled on 2 categories to begin with but it should be adjustable to use for more in future. Feel free to send your responses in PM and please include: - References to other work / portfolio / etc - Price - Method of implementation (if you make a module, modify the core, etc) - Time frame
  18. I just want to say that I tried the free module and bought the paid one. The module is great and the support is amazing. I got help to create the export exactly like I wanted and the team have been amazing. Best export module Ive ever seen!
  19. Is it possible to extract all customers from a certain country with this module? I have a newsletter module that I think only can send e-mail based on the language choosen in our front office. But I want to extract all customers from a certain country to target them with a specific e-mail? (The country should be based on the country they choosed as their delivery adress when they registered as customers)
  20. Tack! Får man fråga om du har koll på vilken tabell / kolumn det är man skall kika närmare på för att få ut de fälten?
  21. Är det någon som lyckats exportera produkterna till excel i ett format så att varje fält hamnar i en kolumn? Tänker ID, Product name, Product short description, Product long description, Meta title, Meta description tex. Jag har lyckats få ut en CSV men det blir väldigt trasslig formatering på det hela, men det kanske är jag som inte vet bara hur jag skall hantera filen? :-)
  22. I will have my shop translated and the translation company prefers to work in excel instead of the backoffice so I would need to export the product name, product short description, product long description to an excel file with each field in one column each (totally 3). Is it possible to export those 3 tables (maybe along with ID to identify) and then import again as a new language?
  23. Seems like a great module! Im not sure if its been covered before, sorry if thats the case. But is there a way to get this exported so each value is in one column each in excel and not in one long row with just "' between them?
  24. I have some products with quantity discount, for example when base price is 100 sek of one item, I want it to be 50 sek if you order 2 products or more. If I go to product / prices / specific prices Im adding a rule that says that the discount should 50 sek including vat when ordering 2 products or more. However, if a customer lives outside europe the customer is not supposed to pay vat, in this case, Prestashop calculates the discount including vat from the excluded vat base price, for example: 100 sek is 80 sek ex vat. Prestashop now gives the customer 50 sek discount from the 80 sek which gives the customer the price of 30 sek. The proper solution would to give the customer 50 sek ex vat in discount, which would have been 80 sek base price ex vat - 40 sek discount ex vat = Correct price = 40 SEK. So the discount is getting bigger for the customer even If I state in specific price that the discount is including vat. It removes vat from base price when calculating but doesnt remove vat from the discount amount. Does anyone know how to make these price rules correct?
  25. Did anyone find a solution for this? Im getting gray blur added to images with #FFFFFF backgrounds when compressed by prestashop as well
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