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  1. Hi, i tried it, seems to work when output is done in the browser, but when exported to CSV it uses the quantity field in the stock column so you only get the sold products exported in both fields. (and no name on the row for stock)
  2. No, thats why i meant that if you have a datefield to enter your desired date to calculate from you dont need to pick that from Presta. So the thing that would be great is: 1. A datefield to/from to calculate historic sales and then a field with days. In this way you can enter like 2022-01-01 to 2022-06-30 for example and based on the sales on this date calculate how much you need to buy in XXX days. Did you understand how i meant? 😃
  3. Sorry will try to explain: 1. You get a product in stock and start selling it 20230201. 2. The product sell well and today you want to order a restock that you want to last XX days (for example 365 if you want to calculate purchase for a year). 3. Then you select sales period 20230201-20230421 (since you cant calculate the time if the product was not in stock) 4. If the sales has been 100 items in the time range, like in my example 80 days - The calculation should be 100/80 = 1,25. And if you have entered the 365 value in a calculation field it should say like "Restock for 365 days = 456,25". SOrry if i was unclear. Simply sometimes you want to calculate the sales for products that has not been active the same time as the calculation period.
  4. Thanks its great! Would it be possible to have a field above where you can enter like "expected to be sold in xx days" based on last xxx days? (the last xxx days is same as the current time frame selected on the products sold date fields). For example you can then enter 180 and see how many that is supposed to be sold in the next 180 days based on the sales from the period originally selected?
  5. In the products sold, is it possible to have the stock quantity as well? This would make us able to calculate how much we need to order to do a simple excel column by taking the products sold in a desired time frame and calculate towards what is in stock and then see how much we need to order from supplier?
  6. We have mainly free shipping from 250 € in our shop, depending a bit on the country (different free freight limit in different areas and in some fixed cost and not free at all). But then we have some heavy and very expensive to ship products, what we want is to set weight information on these products so for example: 1 product called X is 300€ and weight is set to 0 kg. 1 product called Y is 25€ and weight is 1 kg. (we only set weight on the expensive products) Customer buys 1 of X and 10 of Y. and this qualifies for free shipping since order is above 250€, but we want to make a rule that "if weight is above 2 kg, add 10€ for each kg in shipping cost". Or some rule similar to that. Since we can afford to ship a pair of X that is quite lightweight to USA from Sweden, since its good value vs weight. but when customer buys cheap product Y that has lot of weight and low value we loose a lot on the shipping. Does anyone know a module or tweak that can be used to combine both value on order and weight to not allow free shipping (and rather add extra cost / kg if weight is over a certain amount? To only void free shipping if weight is to high is not enough, we need to charge extra for shipping depending on how many kg it is (but still need to use free shipping from 250€ on low weight products.
  7. We are looking for a module where customer can ask questions through a form on product page, and where we in backoffice can answer and the question and answer will become public for other customers to read on the product page. We need the module so be multi-language possible so we can translate the questions and answers to our 5 different languages in the shop. Does anyone have a suggestion on a module that can handle this?
  8. Found one - this: Export invoices / slips PDF : Zip, email, FTP, local
  9. Looking for a module that can export invoices (by crontab) through FTP. We dont want some kind of merged excel, csv etc - we want the exact same PDF as can be downloaded from the invoices tab in the order in backoffice. Important also that the filename is the same as it is on the order if you go to the order from backoffice. Have found several advanced module that export different kind of summaries in excel etc but we just want the plain single pdfs sent. Any advice?
  10. Hm, seems like the example was right but i got a 16% example recently. Will need to check again 😉 Thanks a lot for taking the time to check!
  11. Prestashop Core function. Not sure if its some leftover from this but i cant find anything in /localization/de.xml https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/issues/19628
  12. We configured all EU-countries with their different VAT due to the new OSS rules. However even if we set a Tax rule to Germany and 19% it calculated for 16% in checkout. Germany had 16% temporarily as I understood but is back to 19% but we cant find out where this is coded because we added a rule with 19% just like we did for Austria with 20% that works well, but Germany keeps counting as 16%? Anyone have a clue about this? This is how it calculates right now for example with the below rule: Shipping : Free Total (tax excl.) : €188 Included taxes : €36 Total (tax incl.) : €224
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