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  1. This module is great. Thank you very much. I also like to add the survey function into the module so that we kind of know what our site is doing. l
  2. I think it is a bad idea. We should make the register pages as less as possible. Now it includes 6 pages of the register process......
  3. Sorry for my questions. "click the links to download the images, " Which link? I have difficult time with this site. How can I upload my images so that they can be used with SpritesMe? Thank you for the help.
  4. I just saw another thread mentioning Rocky always answering questions in the forum. I feel like I want to say something about it. I read every post that Rocky answered and I used most of his answers to build my shop. I am not a programmer, without Rocky, I do not believe I can finish my shop. All of his tips and answers are clear and helpful. His signature doesn't even mention he has a module to sell. I don't use category menu, otherwise I will buy it from him. I just want to say thank you to Rocky, and I am sure there are a lot of people had benefit from him.
  5. Hi Rocky, The newest version works beautifully. Thank you for the module. I was having issue with the ssl. But now is good. Thank you.
  6. Hi Eihwaz, I just PM you for the funny disclimer.
  7. Oh. That is another way. Great. I have different kinds of category. Can I have different header page for different categories ?
  8. Sorry. Some advance questions. I use a different header for the news web page with the help of Star here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/49759/#221161. Can I use a different background for the news web pages? And different footer too?
  9. I am no coder. But I know these modules are a lot more and better than just cms plus links. I used cms for about us, privacy, all other documents. And I use this news module only for news. And it has it's own sitemap. And I love it. I am looking forward for the (news publish)Newsletter module that Eihwaz is mention about. This is great. It is a free module but the support is wonderful. I wish all of the commercial module developers have this kind of attitude. Thank you again for the modules and the help.
  10. Thank you for the modules. I am trying to use this module to publish news for our shop. I wonder if this module can be connected to the newsletter module so that when we publish our news and it will be sent to the customers as well? Thank you again for the modules.
  11. Hi Tomerg3, Thank you for the tips. I only use the ssl on my contact page and the payment pages. How can I re-direct the https://www.mydomain.com to http://www.mydomain.com and not affect my contact page and the payment pages? Thank you for the help.
  12. How can I re-direct http://www.mydomain.com, https://www.mydomain.com and https://mydomain.com to http://mydomain.com? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  13. Hi Rocky, Thank you for the reply. I am talking about this post: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewannounce/30565_6/ I don't have another test site. I am trying to finish up my site on 1.25. And I don't know if I should upgrade it to 1.3 as I did a lot of modification on my test site. But my price doesn't add up on the cart. I don't know how to use svn. Sorry.
  14. Does anybody know if the 1.2.4 price calculation and the discount issue be fixed in the 1.3 release? Thank you for the info.
  15. These modules work better than paid modules, seriouly. You are great. Thank you again.
  16. This is a paid module. You should ask the seller instead of asking questions here. Nobody is going to answer your questions here.
  17. I think your title has problem. You tiltle shoudl be: Could you please set up a Norwegian community on Prestashop? And then list your reasons in the body. There are so many different language communiy in the forum, becasue they asked, and then received.
  18. wow, that is excited. Why do we need wordpress, this one is better..... :cheese: One more feature request: can we have a drop down Archives by Month like what star has on her site with wordpress http://blossomcart.com/blog/? Thank you very much.
  19. This module is a lot better than commercial modules. Very easy to install, and works great. I had purchased few commercial modules and they don't work. And the sellers didn't care if the modules work as long as I paid for it, no support. You are giving these modules out for free. Star is right, you are more than just great. Can this news module has twitter feature? What I mean is the posts will upload to twitter automatically? And can this has it's own sitemap.php so that we can list our posts? And it's own sitemap.xml so that we can submit it to Google as a blog? Thanks a zillion
  20. You are working on this module for free? Man, actually I am touched.
  21. I use 1.2.5. I just attach my SQ image. I am sure the DB is there.
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