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  1. Silly me username is [email protected] (that's what happens when one immigrates :-) ) Password: guestadmin I want to remove the "About us" page which is a CMS page and then also the "Top Sellers" link It may be that the international link is slow as my site seems to open quick enough here in NZ. Just for interest, your site is throwing up "Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "/home/linweb01/p/piercingneeds.co.uk/user/htdocs/themes/prestashop/./wizwnavbar.tpl" in /home/linweb01/p/piercingneeds.co.uk/user/htdocs/tools/smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 1095" near the top of the page. Your help is really appreciated
  2. Yes but it only shows the CMS pages and not module linkes, also it won't let me unselect one CMS page (about us). Also I have links to modules that I haven't installed; like specials and top sellers. http://littlemiraclesclothing.internetlinked.com/shopadmin username: [email protected] password: guestadmin
  3. How do I remove some of the links out of my Footer links block. It seems to add all my CMS pages as well as links to all modules. I've checked and my CMS pages are not selected.
  4. Hi, I am really battling with Prestashop. I have created an "About Us" page in the cms URL: about-us Title: About Us How do I now link this into my site? Also I can't seem to find this page anywhere in the file structure. Where to now??
  5. I did it by editing the files in the mail directory directly.
  6. Hi, I have a number of questions before I can make my shop live. I've tried to find the documentation but had no joy; if it is there, please send me the URL. How do I 1) Change the catagory pictures (at present when I go to my one catagory, I get pictures of IPODs); I can't see where there is done. 2) How do I change module positions; currently I do this by editing the MySQL database directly. From the backend I can move up and down within a position space but I can't move to a totally new position. 3) Create custom pages eg About US, Home page intro 4) Under my "INFO" module no links appear...... why? Which part of the code do I need to edit to change the styles of the e-mail notifications that are sent out to users when they register or change passwords? What is the Feature and Link images options for... I've clicked on them and looked at the Demo site but can't work it out. Sorry about all the questions but I feel like I'm going in circles. Au secours :-)
  7. Where do I go to change the colours of the confirmation e-mail that is sent out?
  8. Hi, thanks, the hack worked well. The issue wasn't the type of file but rahter they way the backend uploads the file. But yes a PNG would be better. Cheers
  9. I am needing my logo to be a transparent GIF file but the code seems to for a JPG. Is there a hack I can do to get this right? I am happy to have a GIF and JPG uploaded but need to know where in the code I can make the change so that on the webpage it points to logo.gif
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