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  1. My friends, Millos offers lots of useful modules, articles and responded many people with doubts. He is a reference for many developers and shop owners. I guess he should add someone to his team that can fix minor things and help with the support of the modules, and give a help to them in more dificult situations, having time to improve his modules and make or improve others. Take a look on his website articles, free modules and in the response to doubts here. So, should have a good reason for this! I imagine is to much solicitations.
  2. Hello Nick C Thank you for your kind reply. I done everything you suggest me without no luck. I receive time to time when i enter in the configuration module that the memory_limit its not suficient to load the module! I contacted my host provider and the memory is in 128 mb wich is more than suficient. Normaly is 96 MB. I think this this might be some issue with this block module wich is native of prestashop or 1.6. 0.11 prestashop problem? If you have any other suggestion it will be much appreciated. Thanks and regards Marco Oliveira traderportugal.com
  3. Hello experts, I dont understand why i dont see layered navigation block. Its reinstaled and hooked in left colunm. I have prestashop version Thanks in advance traderportugal.com
  4. Hello experts, Simple question: Can we delete the english translation in translations folder or prestashop just assumes it for default? Regards Marco
  5. Hello, The rich text editor disapear in the products edition and cms pages editions. It happened after updating some prestashop modules. Anyone knows how to solve it? Thanks in advance Marco
  6. Hello Experts I receive this message when i try to activate the htmlpurifier in preferences/general/use html purifier Fatal error: Class 'HTMLPurifier_Config' not found in /home/produto5/public_html/classes/Tools.php on line 3257 At the same time the rich text editor of text fields in products and cms pages disapeared. Any ideias how to solve it? Thanks in advance
  7. Fatal error: Class 'HTMLPurifier_Config' not found in /home/produto5/public_html/classes/Tools.php on line 3257 I got this error when i try to ativate the HTMLpurifier This has anithing to do with not seing the content editor? This happens in product content edition too
  8. Hello Milos, Atached is the image! Regards Marco traderportugal.com
  9. Hello experts. I have problems with CMS pages edition in the back office. In the content we just see the html code and not the editor. I have the 1.6.11 version! Any ideias? Thanks in advance Marco traderportugal.com
  10. Dear experts Can you give me any feedback about this modules? Are you satisfied with them? Witch one you recomend? Thanks in adavance
  11. Hi experts, I dont understand why when i share a product from my store it does not use the image of the product like the send a friend module. Its a bug of 16.0.11 version? I updated today the module social share for last version and its the same problem. Other issues you may help or can be connected: My store does not update following file automatically. I have to deleted manually it so it will re-generated again /cache/class_index.php. Its a problem everytime that i instal or unistale a module. When i make a translation in core, or emails, for some reason it creates the translation in the default theme? This is normal? Them it assumes the theme translation. How it works exacly. I am trying to put the translations in the core, but it keeps creating translations in the theme. There is any module that verifies the overides files and integraty of the modules? The contentbox moldule have any incompatibilies whit prestashop 16.0.11? I use it to put the code for the addthis buttons. Can this be related with the problem of the share in facebook without product image? Regards and thanks in advance to all who can help me
  12. Amigo Marco, Basta abrir a pergunta do cliente. Abaixo aparece um espaço para responder. Você pode ainda criar vários contactos de suporte que o cliente pode escolher quando contacta o suporte. Para criar um novo contacto é ir a clientes/contactos No seu caso é só ir aí e abrir a mensagem do cliente e responder. As mensagens que lhe foram enviadas através do formulário de contacto aparecem mais abaixo em serviço ao cliente. Espero ter ajudado. Se a sua pergunta é no sentido de ele verificar todas as questões e respostas, já não sei, mas cada resposta que vc dá vai para o email do cliente. Abraço
  13. Yes, i instaled multipleseller module wich is working fine after a lot of work of the developer. And its dificult to unistalled it. I cannot ugrade to because a fatal error regarding to unistalle modules. Here is some pictures of the product interiores. Maybe if i substitute this file for the 16.0.11 native will solve the problem? If you think so, can you provide it to me? As you can see the product price are correct after saved but you dont see in the edition mode. In the website the price is correct to Thanks for your prompt reply
  14. Hello experts When i create a product i cannot see the price including tax even when apply a tax rule. I also dont see the total price. However, after saving the product the price with and without tax are correct. Someone told me the problem could be in /js/admin/price.js who seems to be from version. Any idea how to solve this? price.zip
  15. My friend, My website is in maintenance because its not ready and have some issues to solve. Can you provide me your ip by private message to add in order you can try it? Thanks Marco
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