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  1. I recived the refound. Thank you! I really need the module, but for 30 products or more, is there a chance to addapt it? I´ll pay again if it´s possible. Regards.
  2. I already sent it half an hour ago. I´ll be sending it again from your contact form. Thank you.
  3. I'm sorry if I bother you twice, but the amount I piad for it was too much for me, and I really need it to work fine!
  4. Hi, The document I read to make the decision to buy give me those 2 choices. I download it from your product page, it is not actualized. I bought the module to make packs for 30 products, there was no explanation about the amount of products in the description of it. I'm really disappointing, this is not what I pay for! I already sent what you ask me to, but if I´m not going to be able to use it for the packs I need I don´t want it (packs for 30 products) I want my money back!
  5. I wrote him yesterday, when I bought the module,and tried it, and today again. I bought it because I did´t have time to lose trying other options, and now I have problems and I can´t do what I need!
  6. I bought the Advanced Packs 4 module an I have some problems: 1. These 2 features aren’t available: Full AJAX Mode» : Enables or disables the instant page loading «Method to display pack page» : Choose pack display mode: «In a separate page» : Shows the packs in a dedicated page (I want to use this!) 2. Some attributes aren’t available from the FO. When I add a product with these attributes costumers can’t choose anything. 3. In some packs I have to add 20 products (plus others) that are the same, I don´t want them to be shown individually, how can I do that? Please, I need an answer, I have to have the pack available by tomorrow!!!
  7. I haven´t found a cheaper solution yet.
  8. Gracias Pacoteman. Delica ya te contestó por mí lo del newsletter
  9. Hello! I should have written in English here, I'm sorry. I´m developing my online store www.mivueltaalcole.com and I'd appreciate any kind of feedback. Thank you very much!
  10. Hola! Sólo sé como poner el mismo producto en varias categorías cuando lo creo, no tengo idea de cuando se importa. Cuando editas el producto podes tildar todas las categorías en las que querés que aparezca. Suerte!
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