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  1. Is there any way to make Cart Rules unconbinable by default with other cart rules - I dont want a customer being able to use more than 1 cart rule/voucher per shopping cart transaction.. At present this is does seem to be possible (although older version pre 1.5 it was), and it is a real deal breaker for my client. My client uses several of the large deals websites (Groupon, Wowcher, Livingsocial) who give out thousands of distinct cart rules that we add to prestashop. The terms and conditions for these sites state that the customer can only redeem 1 cart rule/voucher per sale and should pay shipping costs for each cart rule/voucher redeemed (there are various reasons for this as the the margins can be small, as well as logistical reasons). However, if a customer buys 2 or more cart rule/vouchers, he/she can redeem then in the same shopping cart - something that we cannont let happen. The only way I can see of doing is to tick the "compatability with other cart rules" box and add ALL the other cart ruls... However, for a set of 2000 distinct cart rules, I tried to set 1 of them to be unconbinable with the other 1999 cart rules, but it made Prestashop run extremely slowly (to the point where it was usable), but it also would be totally impractical to go through and do the same for the remaining 1999 - and in some cases we have more than 2000 cart rules to add. Is there any solution to this? I can see it being a problem for all those sites that are selling products where they have used deal sites. Any help appreciated. Many thanks Mark
  2. Hello can anybody help? how can I set the cart rules so it only allows uses to add one voucher code per transaction / sale. as currently a customer can add more than 1 voucher code per transaction /sale.
  3. Hi Shokinro, Purchased and installed the module, and am very pleased with it. Quick question, is there a way of only allowing sellers to create products and sub categories in their assigned category created by admin. I've created categories and assigned them to specific sellers, which is fine, but the trouble is that seller can add products to all the parent categories of the assigned category (which is something I dont want, I want them limited to the category for them). If I assign those parent categories to somebody else, then the seller no longer gets to see their sub category from their back office page. Many thanks Mark
  4. The text 'COMMENTS (#N of messages)' that displays on the Product Page, I wish to edit it, but can't find it... It shows the amount of comments that have been left for a particular product. e.g COMMENTS (3) I'd like to change it to something else, or perhaps delete it, but cant work where to find it in the code (or it might be a database entry??). It does not appear to be in productcomments.tpl, as I have tried clearing this file, all other comment functionality no longer appears on the page, apart from "COMMENTS()"... Could anybody point me in the right direction? Many thanks in advance. Mark
  5. Hi, Can I modify category.tpl so that the subcategory images are sourced from the image of the 1st product, or a totally new image, not the category/subcategories main image? I would like to this because the images I have for the subcategories/categories are wide and short, well suited as a banner for my categories, but not at all suited for displaying as the subcategory image, which is a thumbnail shape. Currently the code seems to use the same image for the 2 different display types. So I am trying to find a way so that the code shows a different image, depending whether it is to be used as a category banner, or as a subcategory thumbnail? Any help massively appreciated, been struggling with this one all day and all night now.... M
  6. Hi, Any help really appreciated. I have created Banner style images for my Categories, so they stretch over most of the page However when you are in the Category above, these same images are used as the thumnnails to show all of the subcategory images, and do not look correct as small thin images. They need to be Thumbnails proportioned images instead of banner types that I have created. I can create these new thumbnails, but I need some way of using telling the code to use the thumbnails when the category is being displayed as a sub category in the parent category.. Any ideas on how to this? Again, many thanks if anyone can enlighten. Cheers
  7. Thank you ever so much for this. Really appreciate it. Finally something to go with..
  8. I've recently installed Prestashop and am overall very impressed. However something is really confusing me, and I am hoping somebody maybe able to shed light.. I was hoping to add some new buttons to my main navigation banner, so using firebug or view page source I examined an existing buttons code, for instance the "LEGAL NOTICE" button which is on my site: <a href="http://www.kissesandcreations.com/cms.php?id_cms=2">Legal Notice</a> But when I search for this string (or even just 'Legal Notice') in the entire Prestashop files that I have ftped to my local pc, nothing is returned. I've tried using Ultraedit "search in files" and the search facility in Dreamweaver", both bring back nothing. So my main question is, where is this line of code (or small piece of text e.g.'Legal Notice') held so that it is not recognisable by the programs searches, is held in another format or something? And a secondary question, what code is it that I am viewing when I look at a main prestashop page, is there a way of tracking back to what you see on screen, to the sources that make up that page? I am aware this could be a totally novice question, but any enlightenment would very much appreciated.
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