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  1. This is just a total mess. I've got the 'County' part showing up in brackets at the end of the address. this is no good. it should be: Address City County Postcode instead i've got: Address City Postcode (county in brackets)??? On of that, i have to add an alias (name) to the address file. Is there any way to eliminate this option?
  2. update: I've got into the 'State' drop down menu but how can i change the 'State' for 'County' ??
  3. I want to add a 'County' bar in my address field. how do i do that?
  4. I can't get hold of my admin help and so I'm hear. I want to edit the basic information, especially detail on delivery and Terms of use, but I can't see from the 'back end' how to do this. Can anyone help me please? And go easy on me ... I'm not a tech person by any stretch of the imagination. Information Contact Delivery Legal Notice Terms and conditions of use About us
  5. For some reason, the product catalogue 'Short description' and 'Description' only allows 400 characters which is nowhere near enough for what i need it for. How can i extend this? My admin help keeps on having to adjust it, then 'hey presto' it works for a day or two then goes back to 400???
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