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  1. Please Add the following as I believe they are essential: 1- Fix the RTL Theme problem. Even in the backoffice you choose this option in the language section no change happens. 2- Extra tabs in product description 3- Choosing more than 1 feature for the product Thanks
  2. The theme looks more appropriate for fashion stores but doesn't look suitable for pharmacies, electronics & toy stores etc. Really wish you could change it.
  3. Hi, This is the 2 rime a website I make ans after a while it starts to give blank pages or displays incorrectly. Is this a problem with prestashop or the web host? What is the most recommended web host
  4. The problem thankfully has been fixed with these 2 points: 1- My Disk space on server was full so the solution was upgrading the sever package. 2- The php.ini memory quota which is also adjust by your server provider. Now working with no problems Regards
  5. Yes thanks it turned out to be a full memory issue. I have to upgrade to a larger package
  6. A sudden case has appeared. When customers are browsing sometimes after clicking a link a white blank page appears. They need to reload their browser inorder to view the product. Any Suggestions?
  7. I have removed it from the BO but still appears in the automatic emails sent to customers & me when a new order comes
  8. Hi, I tried several times to remove Powered by Prestashop from emails using BO always fails & replies with error messages. Is there any other way. Please Prestashop remove them as they are very irritating Thanks
  9. just the "data sheet" block under the product description. I just want the information to be appear in the layered navigation block. Please be very specific as I'm still a newbie Thanks
  10. Please which .CSS is it? Will it affect the data in the layered navigator Thanks
  11. I'm currently using a new theme that doesn't have a right colum. How can I add one Thanks
  12. I emailed my host they said i had to do it myself. I'm not a programmer & don't really know how to do it alone. Can someone advise?
  13. I have deleted all the files on the root folder except only the log file doesnt want to be removed. It is even preventing me from installing any uptades. I get this error message when trying to install Directory /data/17/2/92/58/2581547/user/2830560/htdocs/install/../log is not writable Any suggestions?
  14. I succesfully transfered my website to another server it is working fine but i cant get into back office. Any suggestions?
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