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  1. Hi @Billy dreamweaver has always had scan/search/replace...still awesome and now it's a monthly charge not 500 bucks. I am probably as old as you looool. I'm retired 360/370 assembler programmer. Ok, snippet of code? Nope, to be honest I have not opened my dw in a couple of years. I do miss being more technical here on the forum, I used to be the bomb not I just lead projects. I'm thinking to re retire and just go back to dev for fun.
  2. check you mysql runtime stats via phpmdmin, most often they are very basic. from this you can set your mysql caches to meet your shop. it's not evident that it's a problem with PS, cpu's always waiting for data from storage...so does not matter how fast your cpu is....also check that you are using all 8 cores via php fpm... good luck
  3. Hi, before upgrading, make a list of all 3rd party modules...then check from where you got them if compliant with the later version of php that 1.7 runs on. for the most part I would think they will be fine for 1.7.7 but it's down to PHP level...you will want to run the highest php level supported by 1.7.7...
  4. Hi, we have linux black belt on our team who handles all our client hosting configurations. also we use PLESK! use PLESK people...much much much better than cpanel...
  5. I recommend contacting leo themes, they provide excellent support.
  6. get vps or dedicated hosting with nvme/ssd. faster data reads will solve
  7. I think you sysadmins need to understand upgrading a feature rich PS is not just a one click process. We do not recommend upgrade of PS because hosting is dropping a perfectly good php version just because they are no longer dev that version. I see this problem all to often, being forced to upgrade because of hosting dictates, many people destroyed their shops doing upgrades.
  8. we have been using this webkul shipping modules, they do not have lable priting but we prefer that be done on shipstation or other 3rd party platform. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-carriers/20831-usps-shipping.html UScentric developer prestochangeo has very robust shipping https://www.presto-changeo.com/11-prestashop-shipping-modules
  9. we put all clients on ngnix so we can take advantage of php fpm...zoom zoom
  10. the curl time out needs to be upped, 2 seconds is pretty short depending on what the call is and process remote platform. learn more from this search https://www.google.com/search?q=setting+php+curl+timeout&oq=setting+php+curl+timeout&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i22i30l3.4120j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  11. have you contacted terracode? if not then you may want to post in job offers for technical support. for 1.7 there is very robust free paypal on addons....even takes cc at checkout
  12. Hi, are you using default PS theme? if so then you should get a menu module manager, here are some from addons https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search?search_query=menu&id_category=513& for the price and if you have default theme consider just purchasing a high quality paid theme, it will include a module manager.... if you are .css savvy, then you can find on the www hamburger styling code
  13. Hi Billy, I recommend getting a code interface that allows code/character scans. dreamweaver is great. Then you can answer a lot of your 'where is code' questions by running scans.
  14. for starters you will need the cookie_key on remote platform if you want to update db, then really you just need the mysql connect I would think
  15. remove the module adding the fee and see if still an issue. also contact the module developer. you can also turn on ps debug mode and recreate issue to see if error thrown.
  16. Hi Tonny, I recommend contacting a PrestaShop agency. They will be able to find best solution moving forward. Our agency has a lot of experience with how to manage large combinations. I'm sure there are others, but I think you would agree you have taken your PS as far as you can so time for a little help before you give up the platform.
  17. Hi, make a copy of your production shop, in a subdomain. Then perform upgrade to ensure it goes smoothly. There is a process for upgrade, create test, perform upgrade, then move production to another subdomain, move your new upgraded shop to your domain, import orders customers and any other changes into your new production system. you will learn a lot using this process and make you a better shop admin in the future. Here is PS guide on upgrade process, it may differ somewhat from above but our agency has a lot of upgrade experience. https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/basics/keeping-up-to-date/upgrade/
  18. look at your mysql configuration via phpmyadmin, there it will tell you how optimal your mysql config is compared to your runtime stats it's always been about getting data from disk to cpu...ever since compters were invented. for last 3 years we have moved all clients to nvme/ssd...which are now available for vps.... you can spend a lot of time/money trying to debug/tune the application (prestashop) when it's almost always time to get data from disk.. so I recommend, get vps with nvme/ssd drive ) with plesk (never cpanel), move to new hosting (ngnix/fpm)...run loader.io or other to volume simulator...look at your mysql stats, tune myslq... zoom zoom
  19. Move to hosting that will allow you to run the correct php version.
  20. You can regenerate the robots.txt via ps admin. Seo & urls, scroll down. On mobile so I could be wrong where to find bit it's part of native PS
  21. Don't upgrade unless there is feature you reulquire. Never upgrade just because you see an upgrade prompt, and always 1st test on a copy of your production shop. If you are not IT oriented and it's working leave it alone and work on growing your sales.
  22. Buy a GDPR module. Else you can create design page instructing how to contact to have account removed.
  23. There is no 'working' module solution, do not buy a 'performance' module you shop will appear faster but created unpredictable results, this from many years of fixing shops that loaded a performance module. I recommend posting in job section or contact a PrestaShop agency so they can take a look at it.
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