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  1. How to handle discontinued products?

    Here my general recommendation for clients/community members. Product Visibility Summary: Native PrestaShop google sitemap module does not build product index whose visibility is ‘nowhere’. Assumptions: Product Status: enabled | visibility = nowhere PH Feedback: products will not be displayed when browsing shop or found using shop search widget. They however can be viewed by direct link when product is enabled but visibility is nowhere. PH Product Display Proposal For SEO reasons we want to present relevant product info (landing) as Google (most likely) will not display link in search results if we were to display another product, list of products in that category etc. Google would not consider this relevant to link and lower/remove it’s link juice. I’ve read a lot of discussions on this issue and the best solution (trick) that I’ve seen major US shops use in order maintain some link juice but more importantly draw in visitor is that if a product is no longer available for order they will continue to display but without capability to make order. In conclusion I recommend the follow change to product page in conjunction with including product with visibility nowwhere in google index. Scenario: Visitor clicks link to product If product is enabled AND visibility = ‘none’ Hide ‘add to cart’ and ‘price’ as if (product options Available for order = ‘no’ | Show price = ‘no’) Display text (example) “This product no longer available for order, please see our other great products”. This can be customized by client. happy selling
  2. Hi John, from hosting open phpmyadmin and access your shop db. look for ps_url (pretty sure that is it, but url is in table name) edit that and put in corrected shop url. Note: leave out http or https. Happy selling Fred
  3. Languages when choosing country

    Please always post your ps version. for 1.6 back office admin-->localization-->countires-->edit Italy....there you can edit the country name. for 1.7 back office admin-->international-->locations-->countries-->edit Italy....again here you can change the country name Happy selling
  4. Need advice!!!!

    yes it is healthy especially if you are not happy with them. The way to work with 3rd party IT group is to have a devcopy where work is done for your review and feedback and when approved moved to production. Also any team you choose should use a decent project management system like zoho or dapluse.
  5. moved shop showing maintanence mode

    back office admin-->preferences-->maintenance-->shop enabled?
  6. Products not showing in backoffice

    enable prestashop debug mode (performance page), recreate and you should see the error. then search for that error to see if existing issue.
  7. PagSpeed optimization

    Hi, we would be happy to help turn your performance. Please review our service here and then please take time to submit info on that page. zoom zoom
  8. Error when checking out

    Hi please see the forge ticket. We found similar if not same issue. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/BOOM-4291 this was surprising issue, its like did PrestaShop test this? lol
  9. Is 1.7.x stable to build on

    depends on the theme. we found issue with themes built on 1706 but we were applying to 1710+ releases. We use almost exclusively leo themes also see apollo themes. If you are technical and can debug/solve problems then consider 1.7 else 1.6 is not a very bad option at all.
  10. Carrier by default

    I don't know that is possible without custom code. not sure how displaying only the most expensive carrier makes sense for me but I'm slow. sorry Ii could not help more.
  11. Carrier by default

    If you do not require 'by product shipping', i.e. where you set shipping by editing the product and associating to a carrier then remove those and then it will use the native PrestaShop carriers. Here is documentation on shipping http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS17/Managing+Shipping
  12. [Solved] I cannot login on my backoffice

    Hi, using chrome-->open new incognito window-->login from incognito window That usually clears out your described situation.
  13. where communicate with prestashop team directly

    The best place to communicate with PrestaShop is by creating an 'issue' for the PrestaShop version here: http://forge.prestashop.com there you can interact with PrestaShop developers.
  14. Hi, this modules was written for ps 1.5. You are better served to enable ps debug to find why you have issue and fix that. Then you can use the native ps java bottom. or better yet start looking at 1.7 which has better performance as it concerns this area. Good luck, el
  15. Disable new user account registration

    you may find this solution useful https://www.prestaheroes.com/en-us/modules/private-shop/private-shop-authorized-clients-only-shopping