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  1. Prestashop system has been hamstrung

    in all honesty though it will be lost in the ether is PS does not have a very good test/roll out strategy. We are doing client 1.7 upgrades and some of them have been pure hell and because there are six of us total we can overcome. But can solo manager? Yes and no, we have seen some pretty good ps 1.7 shops but they were built with in-house expertise and no a solo operation. (blood sweat and tears) open source has stupid mentality, let developers create change and then community tests it. but also too be honest there is only the 'very' rare remark that 1.7 is ready (in this forum) so that is where you should consider getting advices before committing to a particular release. we just did a client shop where 1.7 had so much broken basic stuff it was incredible, but apparently open source is push out he door let community test....we have seen this with 1.4/1.5/1.6/1.6 releases, usurally we will declare to clients when it's safe to get in the pool. Not there yet. lol Of all the things I could have written for my new blog, I had to rant about ps releases. https://www.prestaheroes.com/en-us/heroic-blog/prestashop-insights/rant-prestashop-major-release-management oh, my fav thing to tell people when they threaten to move to other ecms, don't let the door hit you in butt on the way out. but consider other ecms's as well like shopify. happy selling
  2. moving from magento but i got problems

    the best thing to do is buy linea graphica redirect module from addon's....then you can manage migration of links
  3. Prestashop system has been hamstrung

    Hi, with only two posts I am not sure you are best judge of community involvement. Here is problem with the 'open source' thinkers, that everything should be free. But how is that self sustaining? How do developers pay the bills send the kids to college. How does PS create enough income to re-invest in core?
  4. if you have to disable such an important ps performance option, also I notice sumo doc states disable smarty cache... then is bad idea to use this unless you get a webmaster to fix. I'll look at creating a module for this but I have long list and this is not at the top. my advice if you have to turn off important performance features for this to work...the DO NOT USE IT.
  5. Ripped off

    did you file dispute with your payment provider? that is first step.
  6. shop access only for registered user

    Hi, maybe this module by PrestaHeroes is just what you are looking for. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/private-sales-flash-sales/28906-private-shop-authorized-clients-only.html
  7. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/21208-alipay.html
  8. and where are moderators these days? are they still 'unable' to moderate after the 'big' .forum improvement was no improvement really....total lack of care from PrestaShop....glad I retired from trying to keep things organized here.
  9. now you are just spamming, did you provide the ticket number as requested?....look, if you unhappy file a dispute with your payment method. That is what grown ups do then they go off and do something productive. This post is not helpful and you are losing it. either provide the info's asked by developer or file dispute. this post does not help anything but alert people with useless info. Also you did not start this post but dog piled in. Open you own post if you want but dont' involve others who had no input, not that it matters apparently....to read this crap
  10. PagSpeed optimization

    TIP: Always check that you cart is still working when enabling this for the first time. Whenever a change is made it's a very good idea to test cart.
  11. PagSpeed optimization

    I did notice that you are not CCC'ing .js/.css files. This can be enabled on your admin performance page. 1.7 has new feature where there is only 1 ccc for .js and .css which makes subsequent page loads a lot faster. I did send you a quote but start with this change yourself.
  12. PagSpeed optimization

    Hi, I've received and will respond today...thanks, el
  13. How to handle discontinued products?

    Here my general recommendation for clients/community members. Product Visibility Summary: Native PrestaShop google sitemap module does not build product index whose visibility is ‘nowhere’. Assumptions: Product Status: enabled | visibility = nowhere PH Feedback: products will not be displayed when browsing shop or found using shop search widget. They however can be viewed by direct link when product is enabled but visibility is nowhere. PH Product Display Proposal For SEO reasons we want to present relevant product info (landing) as Google (most likely) will not display link in search results if we were to display another product, list of products in that category etc. Google would not consider this relevant to link and lower/remove it’s link juice. I’ve read a lot of discussions on this issue and the best solution (trick) that I’ve seen major US shops use in order maintain some link juice but more importantly draw in visitor is that if a product is no longer available for order they will continue to display but without capability to make order. In conclusion I recommend the follow change to product page in conjunction with including product with visibility nowwhere in google index. Scenario: Visitor clicks link to product If product is enabled AND visibility = ‘none’ Hide ‘add to cart’ and ‘price’ as if (product options Available for order = ‘no’ | Show price = ‘no’) Display text (example) “This product no longer available for order, please see our other great products”. This can be customized by client. happy selling
  14. Hi John, from hosting open phpmyadmin and access your shop db. look for ps_url (pretty sure that is it, but url is in table name) edit that and put in corrected shop url. Note: leave out http or https. Happy selling Fred
  15. Languages when choosing country

    Please always post your ps version. for 1.6 back office admin-->localization-->countires-->edit Italy....there you can edit the country name. for 1.7 back office admin-->international-->locations-->countries-->edit Italy....again here you can change the country name Happy selling