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  1. Here is hoping we see new autoupgrade (being worked on by PS) with release with 1.7.4 .  We miss upgrade projects.  Normally we have 2-3 active this time of year now nada. 

    I do appreciate PS did not provide upgrade path for shop managers as they have done historically, this saved exiting shops a lot of issues.   For now 1.7 upgrades has been left to [spam-filter]'s. 


    What are we doing if not full upgrades?   Upgrading visitor experience on existing shops.  Think you shop is great?  Get a free video of how we can make it better by messaging me or emailing  me at elpatron@prestaheroes.  Be warned I am like Hell's Kitchen.  I  will break your visitors experience in short order.  lol....

    On personal note, back in ColOmbia S. America to get away from cold Kansas City, Missouri.  I'm tanned happy and healthy and hope this finds all of you happy and healthy as well.  Looking forward to tent camping season, it's the only way I can disconnect from all this fun.

    Happy selling in 2018.