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  1. hi please google it....I'm not google...empower yourself!
  2. Freelancers wanted in hu/ro/sk/cz

    You should first check PrestaShop Certified Agencies, assuming you want high quality work. https://www.prestashop.com/en/experts My agency works with 'all' countries and where client can speak English. I've seen plenty of clients come in one year post project start needing competent people to fix....don't make that mistake.
  3. Can I commute from USA? lol good luck!
  4. TM mosaic banners

    I highly recommend to not use module menu solutions but to buy a high quality 3rd party theme from addon's that has built in menu manager. The days of using stand alone menus have long past.
  5. A lot of carts in a short time

    from hosting logs you should have access log. From access log you can determine which IP and bot's are hitting your shop. if you can determine the IP's then you can use a hosting IP blocker, an .httaccess ip blocker solution or a 3rd party module that blocks IP. check logs often.....they hold lots of secrets
  6. we have had issues with all opc modules integrating nicely. This particular opc module we have a lot 'less' issue and implement on a lot of client shops without 'any issue' https://addons.prestashop.com/en/express-checkout-process/8503-one-page-checkout-ps-easy-fast-intuitive.html
  7. This is great fix, I had same issue when writing my own multishop module so I fixed within module to match url 'without' www. That way back in PS 1.4 and still there for 1.6. I will try to open forge report on how we solved in module as this causes a lot of issues for shop managers...thanks for posting you fix for others.
  8. poster solved, your post has value as what? Please read posts before posting your guess, it's not about quantity of posts it about quality.
  9. Orders not showing up

    enable PrestaShop debug mode and simulate your clients request and see if any errors on front office. disable debug mode when done..
  10. what would be the purpose of this? native prestashop now will suffix your domain name with /language/ we have probably the best experience on the planet and created a module so advanced we waiting for clients to catch up. https://www.prestaheroes.com/en-us/modules/seo-modules/prestashop-module-seo-friendly-language-url-pro note: this module is compliant up to 1.6 shops, we are in process of upgrading all our works to 1.7 This will localize your language pack by country, and works with sitemap, so url/fr-fr/.... or url (en/us).... To understand why to use this module visit the MS Azure website for clue of how the big boys do it. now ps can to world your welcome...lol
  11. shipping adress

    have you considered just adding it as 'normal' carrier in back office? You may not need a module solution.
  12. Help on password reset from customers

    this could be simple spam/fishing email? did he send you email he received and does it match what you shop would send. There are no time initiated functions in PS or other native process that would send email reset will nilly. Note: it's possible for anyone to use 'any' email address to request pwd reset using 'any' email address. So consider 'I'm a human' widget at pwd reset.
  13. Hide multiple images - Presta 1.6

    products-->edit product-->images-->delete unwanted images
  14. How to create product list

    here is a search on existing solutions for placing products in CMS https://www.google.com/search?q=prestashop+module+products+on+cms&oq=prestashop+module+products++on+cms&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.5316j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 make sure you are not re-inventing the wheel, i.e. there maybe a solution already.
  15. [SOLVED] No template found for cms/page

    hey Till, when posting make sure to include you exact PrestaShop version. What is your exact PrestaShop version?