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  1. Hi Icecore, thanks a lot for your help....it works! Cheers, Tiago
  2. Hello all, i've updated my store to version and to tell you the truth it hasn't been easy. Lots of issues, but slowly i'm getting there. In the previous version whenever a client would made a purchase i would receive the notification via email to the mailbox configured, so this way i didn't had to check the back-office for new orders. In this new version i don't manage to get this email. Any ideas how to have it back?? All the other emails are sent (registration, new order placed, payment successful, etc). Thanks for your help. Regards, Tiago
  3. Hi apprentice, unfortunately i still have the problem. What i did as a workaround was the following: - set the price (including the VAT) in the Pre-tax retail price - select No tax on the Tax rule - disabled the online invoice (so the client can't see the reference to the tax - which of course shows 0€). I will send the invoice together with the products - under customers/groups i have set the Price Display Method to Tax Included The only place where the client can see the Total Tax (which is 0€) is on the Cart Summary, but i'm hopping that most of people will miss this detail. :/ This was the only way to be able to enable the store on the advertised date. Let's hope for a fast resolution, Cheers
  4. Hi, i have exactly the same problem. I need to charge 19% tax on my products but the VAT is not calculated correctly! I've version but i've also tried with the newest version but the results are the same. Like Apprentice, this problem is preventing me of launching my webstore. Your help is highly appreciated. Cheers, Jcosalvador
  5. Just got it and it works like a charm. Thanks for this handy module. Cheers, Tiago
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