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  1. My problem was solved simply by taking the tick away in Google sitemap module: Sitemap also includes CMS pages which are not in a CMS block. Now I get some indexing erros in sitemap when before friendly URLs I had none, but at least everything seems to work in the actual shop.
  2. Hello, I'm having the same problem. Anyone has a solution to this? I have just opened a webshop and it'd be important that I can make the sitemap and get the sites indexed to Google as soon as possible. I have added the following lines to my regenerated .htaccess file (my host tells this is to enable mod_rewrite-module): Options +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch RewriteEngine On and I have also tried adding: Options -Multiviews When I generate sitemap it gives: "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below." And then Google says: "Empty Sitemap, Your Sitemap does not contain any URLs. Please validate and resubmit your Sitemap." It seems to make a sitemap without the friendly URLs, just like before enabling them, but this one doesn't work. Any help very much appreciated!
  3. Below is still what I cancelled out in the order-opc-new-account.tpl file. If I cancelled more, the page went crazy in Firefox browser. Now a little frame remains though and I don't know if this will look ok in all browsers. line 49: <h3 id="new_account_title">{l s='New Customer'}</h3> line 24: <form action="{$link->getPageLink('authentication.php', true)}?back=order-opc.php" method="post" id="login_form" class="std"> line 26: <h3>{l s='Already registered?'} <a href="#" id="openLoginFormBlock">{l s='Click here'}</a></h3>
  4. Hello, I tried out editing the authentication.tpl, but it didn't make any changes for me. Maybe it is because I have the one-page-checkout enabled. In /themes/mytheme/order-opc-new-account.tpl I was able to cancel out some lines to make the register and account sign in options invisble. So now I just have the link for "checkout as guest" left. I don't know how to skip the link but this is good enough. If someone knows how to skip the link then that would be great!
  5. I want to have a guest checkout as an only option to simplify my store as much as possible. Can I remove the option to register and create an account from the checkout page? It would be also nice if the contact information fields (name, address, e-mail, etc.) would show in the checkout page without needing to click the "check out as guest" button. I'm a beginner with Presta Shop so I appreciate clear instructions. Thank you!
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