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  1. PrestaShop Mobile Template module for 1.4

    I have same problem.. Blank page.
  2. Hi gednora. Did you something special that works for you on ps For me it dosn't work. Regards
  3. Hi, Why i get the error below when I update the qty in basket? TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to check minimal quantity Details: Error thrown: [object XMLHttpRequest] Text status: parsererror With default theme i get no error.
  4. Paypal Website Payments Pro

    Hi, Was read this article about egrovesys module Paypal direct payment or they call it (PayPal Pro Plus)... So kerryzhao be careful of these gays and this module. They made me lose £2000 1) When i payed for that module from begine was something wrong and they corrected that. 2) Get another problem (bug), I contacted them and I get an auto answer from their mail account, day after I got orders via this module and paypal confirmed the payment and all was ok. Suddenly Paypal contact me and said that all payments was unauthorised and have to refund all, after I sent the items to customers. I contact the egrovesys, I get no answer at all. So All this strange. They even don't answer mails... So pitty that there are such in market. End of this week I will take action on this case because £2000 is not a little money. When I pay $80 for a payment module it should work and not cause such problems. Regards, Imad
  5. Free Slideshow module for prestashop

    Tested the slider... Slow loading.
  6. [Module] Multishop Google Sitemaps

    I installed this module and I found it very usefull. Great job. Great support team. Keep their customers up to date. Happy to use this module. I recommend this company. Thanks for this job. Regards, Imad
  7. [SOLVED] Display prices without .00

    But when customers checkout and choose thier payment... they get the decimals in payment page. I tested it and for example in the basket the price shows € 290 but in my Hipay payment https:// page shows € 290.12 How can make it to not show in payment page? i talked to Hipay and they said that Prestashop send the price to the Hipay... so it must be some setting or some editing in PS. Thanks
  8. Top Horizontal Menu

    Hi, Something wrong with this module.. When you have for example: iPhone. then then the link menu be blank and when you remove the dot after iPhone then you can see the link menu I wanted to make screen menu but was not able to have for example: 8.9" screen. all letters or digits before the dot be removed. then you only see 9" anyone know what is the solution?
  9. Great module. Bought it today and for me it worth that I payed. Happy for it and thanx for the developers. Regards, Imad
  10. Hi, How can I make that when a company place an order then the order be without TAX. Otherwise TAX with order as usual. Is it possible? Regards, Imad
  11. Hi, I am thinking to start a new webshop and need somehow to sync in stock quantity of my products. is it possible? it will be 2 diffrent domains, same products in both websites, same prices. /Imad
  12. Search filter

    Thanks for your answer. But it is not what I am looking for.. Any other modules available? /Imad
  13. Hi, I am looking for a search filter like this, (MotorFilter) : http://www.motocc.nl/motorfilter Anyone can tell me where to find it? /Imad
  14. Hi, I installed the last V. of Prestashop and also this menu... When i send mail from Contact page i get this error: Warning: substr_compare() expects at least 3 parameters, 2 given in /home/imadse/public_html/presta/modules/prestaloveeasymenu/prestaloveeasymenu.php on line 447