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  1. That is the same module I am using, and I try to talk with presto-changeo but he told me that it was not the module problem, to speak with google. Well, the thing is, my google webmaster doesn't show any images indexed, but by using site: myurl.com my images are indexed so... I don't know more than this. One thing that this module does, at least with me, is creating one duplicate url (my homepage) wich I have to edit and delete it every time I make changes on my sitemap. Cheers
  2. Hi, I have the same problem here, I have some products in some categories that I can't ship worldwide. Does anyone know how to deal with this? Thanks
  3. @Z-GrimV send me your email by PM and I will send you my modified sitemap module for you to try if it works. I try to send the file thrughout your contact form from your website but I gave me a error. Cheers
  4. I found that google does index my pages, but on the webmaster tools it shows that no image is indexed by the sitemap. @Z-GrimV Click this link: https://www.google.com/search?q=site:www.littlebadges.com&hl=pt-PT&prmd=imvns&source=lnms&tbm=isch&ei=-_dET5D4Eoiu8AP2pIWwBA&sa=X&oi=mode_link&ct=mode&cd=2&ved=0CA0Q_AUoAQ&biw=1360&bih=653 The other can go to the google search engine and then put: site:www.mysite.com Then choose images and you will see your images from your website. Hope it Helps,
  5. @Dead if that is your contribution I don't know why you get the trouble to reply. You lose a good opportunity to keep quiet... Cheers
  6. Hi, But tell me please if we have todo anything else besides install the module? That's what I have not yet realized because the google and yahoo validator give me the error mentioned on post #48 Thanks in advance
  7. Yes, I agree, maby someone have the same problem as well, Can anyone help us please? Thanks
  8. Hi, what you need to do is, when a product is on stock, on the BO, on the page of the product, you have some options to choose when you put the ammount, so you have to choose "restocking" because if you just increase, you don't make a really stock movement and the module doesn't assume that and it dont send the email to customer. Cheers
  9. I like it a lot, but I did't understand anything Is that Cz? If you sell to EU you should have at least the english language, but if you only sell to your country it's great the way it is on my opinion. Cheers
  10. Hi all, Sorry if this is a dumb question but, explain me something please: We just install the module and that's it? no need to do anything else to optimize SEO? I have that question because I try to "test" or "validate" on the Rich Snippets Testing Tool from google and yahoo and gives me this error: Extracted Author/Publisher for this page Page does not contain authorship markup The following errors were found during preview generation: This page does not contain authorship or rich snippet markup. and google also says: Note that there is no guarantee that a Rich Snippet will be shown for this page on actual search results. For more details, see the FAQ. Thans for your support
  11. Hi, This is a prestashop module error for sure, I have the same problem, and I just realize today. But if you continue with the checkout process, the carrier assumes their right values so... it's just an unwelcome bug that gives the client a bad impression. I am from Europe and the shipping estimator gives me the right values, but if I change to another country outside Europe it gives that error "free shipping". I dont know if the module uses the ip address or not, and if a client from outside Europe can see the same error or not or if this error just occurs if someone changes the country that is not from it's ip range. even so, if you continue with the checkout everything get's to normal
  12. ok very simple, seems that sitemap created two equal links and give the error, now it's correct. Thanks anyway
  13. Hi Dead, thanks for your reply, I tried to understand what You tried to explain but my programming skills are quite low. Do I need to change anything on the gsitemap from tomerg3 with those lines of code you mentioned? What do I need to change and where to fiz this error? Thanks in advance, Regards
  14. Hi tomerg3, I have one issue, on the google webmaster tools my sitemap gives me one error like this bellow: Error Duplicate URL Description This URL is a duplicate of another URL in the sitemap. Please remove it and resubmit. Example URL: / line 3 I don't know what it means. I have the version installed and your gsitemap 1.7.2 version. I choose the main image only, but google didn't index any images from my site. I also have your redirect-url module installed. My shop was installed on the home directory (/). Is that what it's giving me the sitemap error? Thanks in advance
  15. Heyyy, I think I found what you are looking for, I search for that problem as well. See the post number 7 for download: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/139550-modulefree-extended-free-shipping/ Cheers
  16. Hi, I can't help you with technical details because I just saw this feature 2 days ago, but it seams that there is an easy way to upload many products at once, saving a lot of time. read this and contact that member, maybe he could help you: http://www.prestasho...-gadgets-store/ From BO is very boring, takes too long to add a product, I can not imagine to add 4000 Cheers from Portugal
  17. Yes Man it's cool the way it is, don't worry and don't spend 200€ for that. Good Luck for your sales
  18. Hi, Well, is boring always clicking, it seams never end but I was testing, not buying, so the experience is different I think. I think its good like that and helps the buyer to be redirected to the right product, but if you don't feel confortable with that, just change it. The subcategories are very discrete, so to the human "eye" they don't bother at all. It's my point of view... Best regards
  19. See this one if it works: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/54740-module-cm-verify-me/
  20. Hi, I like your website very much, it's "modern" and with a very nice layout. I love this painting - 3 Pieces Istanbul Maiden Tower Canvas Print, very nice What is the prestashop version that you are using? Good Luck and good sales
  21. Hi, Yes the footer is simply great About the sub-categories, it's about matter of organization of the products, so it will be necessary to ensure that products are properly organized and easily searchable. I noticed that first time, especially in the acer adapters, which has a large number of subcategories, but also helps you in your search, it guides you to the right product. I think the layout and how you have everything organized is very good, so have many or few subcategories not affect your site BEst regards
  22. Hi, For me it's better the way it is, than the old colours that you had. But, it's very subjective so, just choose one colour that makes you feel good with the looking of your store. Your page take a little bit to download (open), see your: sttings/preferences/performance and see if they are set to allow cache and set the force compile set to "no". If your theme is 1.4.x chosse CSS on the permormance. The text on the homepage is about you, I can't help you with this. You can either write something about your store, what do you sell or the promotions that are taking in place I don't know. Just don't forget that that text, is the first thing people will read on your website, the rest they might not read so choose wisely. If you want to remove the short description from your home featured products see this video: If you choose to change this, remember to set "force compile to "yes" and allow cache set to "no", when finishing, set change the permormance settings again. About promoting your website, you can put a link from your products on ebay to your shop, and mail your customers about your shop, offering one discout voucher for them to use, and try to optimize your shop on google search. Study the google recources like webmaster tools from google. Good Luck Regards
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