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  1. I see what you're saying. That's good to have in mind as a back up plan in case I can't do what I actually want. It's just that it's very limiting this way. Also, I'm not sure how I would apply price discounts for larger quantities (and make it obvious to the buyer) without doing it manually. I have used osCommerce in the past and I had found a module that did what I'm looking for. Wish I could find one here.
  2. Unfortunately, that doesn't help as it multiplies the printing for every invitation: 100 invites (at $2.00 each) + 100 printing charges (at $50.00 each) = $5,200.00 But I need: 100 invites (at $2.00 each) + 1 printing charge (at $50.00 each) = $250.00 Any clue? Basically it shouldn't multiply the charge, but it should add it ONCE to the total.
  3. Hi! I want to do the following. Say I wish to buy 100 invitations at $2.00 each. That would be $200.00 in total. BUT... I want to add a printing charge: a) $50.00 for digital printing or $60.00 for foil printing This fee needs to be an option on the product page and to be added only ONCE to the total of the invitations. How can I do that? Any ideas??
  4. Hi! I would like to create a shop similar to this: http://www.e-trimar.gr/allcategories.aspx Any idea where to start???? I have used osCommerce before (so I'm not totally clueless), but I'm new to Presta. Please help! Thank you in advance!!!
  5. Thank you for the reply. I had figured out that part, but I need something more complicated. I want to have an image (with the textas part of the image) in the header (not as a background to text). So each block header has a different image with its' text in the according language. So for every block I need 2 different header images as I will have 2 languages in my shop. Is it possible to change the text to an image for each header in both languages ? If so, what code do I use? I have used oscommerce in the past. There you were able to add images to each language image folder. For instance, the buttons "add to cart" etc, were not a bg image with text, but an image containing text in the language you used in your shop placed within that specific language folder. Am I making sense? :-/ I hadn't actually changed the headers there, but I had had the logo image in 2 different languages.
  6. I am also looking for a solution to this problem. Any ideas??
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