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  1. I had made some test orders in my shop and surprisingly when I check my inbox, my email was so different from what was received by my customer. My customer's order detail was correct but my email as a store owner was not. There were a lot of duplicate value in the store owner but ironically the total amount was correct! I am using PS1.6.1.7 For more understanding, you can refer to my attachment as attached. Thank you in advance.
  2. I am also having the same problems here. Wrong calculation in email, invoice etc. Could somebody please healp me? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi! I have problems to be solved here 1. I would like to know from the experts here how to overcome date quadruple in prestashop as attached and this problems also occurred in emails also. 2. How to translate "Awaiting bank wire payment" in back office. Thanks in advance
  4. My new order email template has repeating texts and I don't anow how to resolve this. Should anybody has an idea on how to resolve this please do not hesitate to reply my posting. The problem is as attached thumbnail. Thank you.
  5. I tried to import my mother language but did not manage to complete it because I got an error "Validation failed for: mails/ms/lang.php". Anybody can solve my problem? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi! This is very important matter to inform all prestahop users! Today arround 9.28 pm local time (Malaysia) , I could not go to my url: www.beli-online.net but was redirected to http://www.pyramidil.com/chat/index2.html instead! Was it a virus attacked? I am using PS Please help! TQ.
  7. To maconl, I did what you had told me by using the html editor and it is really works!. Thanks again maconl! You really helped me a lot.
  8. Thanks for your solution maconl. Unfortunately I am very poor in HTML coding. What if you just attached the modified coding together in your reply? Thanks again maconl!
  9. Yeah...at first I thought this problem considered solved but then, it still exist. Could somebody give the solutions to overcome this problems? To make this thread alive again I need to remove the "[solved]' in the header but I dont know how. TQ.
  10. When I open my shop, my Avast had blocked some files namely: js:Redirector-IY [Trj]. As a result, all my button were not functioning as normal. I think my shop had been infected by a virus as you can see in the attachment as attached. As a result result, the category in the blog category is missing, and when I clicked the "more details" button, normally the page scrolls down to product specifications but it was not. How to make things back to normal. Any solution regarding this matter is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. How to make product title be fit in the title bar as my product title is too long to be fit in? Please see the attachment as attached. Thank you.
  12. When I uploaded several images for my products, in normal condition, I could see the images appeared under "image tab", but now I could not see any images appeared although I had just uploaded 5 images in BO. For a clearer picture of my problem, attached herewith a screen capture of my problem. Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you.
  13. I had just clean installed PS 1.4.3 and everything works fine unless I noticed that when I wanted to update the address, I got a "fatal error" message in a big white screen. Could somebody please help me out on this matter as I plan to start my selling by this week but I don't know how to configure this. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi again! I have found the solution for this problem! You need to change the permission of the foder to 755 and the files to 644! By the way, thanks again!
  15. Hi Peter! If I restore those files, do that mean that I can proceed with my translation on those file without damaging their format? Your valuable experience regarding this matter is desperately needed! Thank you!
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