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  1. Hi, How can I show the logo manufacturer in the description? Now I can only see the text. You can see the logo's only when you click on the title manufacturer in the block It would be also an advantage if there was an editor added. Ray
  2. Can somebody explain me why i see this in my admin. URL rewriting (mod_rewrite) is not active on your server, or it is not possible to check your server configuration. If you want to use Friendly URLs, you must activate this mod. It is enabled and active, but still it tells me "not active"
  3. I found the problem, but it shows incorrect information. I see no images and it looks like Russian language and it's overlapped the website
  4. Hi, Can somebody tell me that what to do to get (more products from this manufacturer) in the product page back. Normally I see on the product page an extra list with product photos from this manufacturer, but it is disappeared. Ray
  5. Hi, Normally you can use robotst.txt to avoid people who wants to download your website, but if you generate robots.txt in the admin, you have update the file again. Is there another way? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I export with Squel Pro ps_cms_lang and ps_products_lang. Both view incorrect when I open the files. ps_cms_lang : Is really a mess. Many information are standing under the wrong field names ps_product_lang: Some information from the field names "available now" is standing outside the table This is strange because in the database everything is correct and it works correct. When I export ps_category csv for example, it opens correct. This must be a huge bug????? ps_product_lang.tiff ps_cms_lang.tiff
  7. Hi guys, I looked at it and it is the same what I have already. Strange is? When you add only (example) English language in the long and short description, it should appear also in the other languages (right), but it doesn't. Not sure, but this is normal when you add information in features et cetera. logo manufacturers.tiff
  8. I tried different sizes and I generate too, but no work.
  9. Hi, My website is not online yet and yes, this counts for all manufacturer logo's. Only the descriptions are viewable in the front office
  10. hallo Als ik in de back office het logo en de tekst van de fabrikant toevoegt, dan staat alles er netjes in. Kijk ik in de front office, dan zie ik alleen de tekst, maar geen logo. Ik heb gezocht en gezocht, maar kan het probleem niet vinden Gebruik de laatste versie. Bedankt Ray
  11. macray

    product foto's

    Hallo, Indien ik de productfoto's verklein, dan blijft de witte kader groot en de foto staat meer links dan in het midden. Heeft iemand de oplossing? Ray
  12. Hi, When I add an manufacturer logo in the back office including description short and long it 's saved correctly. When I look in the front office, I see only the text I check everything, but I can't find the problem. Can anybody help me. Thanks Ray
  13. I'm trying to import also the categories in different languages, but it's overwrite the other ones. If it is not possible, why Prestashop shows the option? I think maybe the problem is the ID? When I create a sub category (Example) ID Active (0/1) Name* Parent category Root category (0/1) 101 1 Abstrakt Digital 0 It creates aut. the main category ID Digital. When I import the same cvs file in other language, then I can use the same ID's of the sub categories, but it will create an new ID for the parent. There should be an easy solution, but try to find it? Last option?: You can do it manually by hand in the MySQL Admin.
  14. Hi, I can modify in the admin. any translation except the one "field name translations". I get an blank page. I turn on display errors, but no errors are viewed. Should be a small issue, but I don't know how to solve it. Thanks!
  15. Kan iemand mij vertellen hoe ik van de subcategories 1 koloms, 2 koloms kan maken? Ik wil van subcategory 2 koloms maken daar de lijst te lang is en je te veel moet scrollen bvd
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