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  1. I had the same problem, try to generate new paypal API codes and replace them with the old ones. It solved my problem, so I hope it will work again.
  2. Hello everyone! I would like to know where exacty paypal module sends the final amount of money from my shop to the paypal. Something like Ordertotal or so. Just when the module tells PayPal how much will it be. I am using payments from paypal account only (the third check line in the module backoffice) and I am not sure where is the final OrderTotal in paypal api. I have found something in paypal.php file, but am not sure if that is really the last check, becouse there are other folders like /standard or /payment where Ordertotal is as well. I hope you understand what I am looking for and I will be greateful for any response. Thanks!
  3. Mám prestashop, ale podle tohoto návodu bohužel nejde dostat CMS ke kontaktnímu formuláři. Dostanu buď 'This page does not exist' nebo 'array'. V contact-form.php je jen: require(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); ControllerFactory::getController('ContactController')->run(); Zkoušel jsem to i jinak, ale už si s tím nevím rady, děkuji za pomoc.
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