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  1. Hi, Does anyone know of a quick way to restock products? We have about 50 products, and it takes a lot of time to go to each product page and restock each product one by one. Is there a module that shows all products listed on one page and allows them to be updated as one transaction? Or maybe can upload a CSV with products and restocking values? Thanks for any help on this. BTW, we are still using Prestashop 1.4.4. Maybe version 1.5.x has a better way to do this?
  2. [MODULE] M4 PDF Extensions

    A few quick questions: Is there a back office demo of this module? Will it work with Prestashop v1.4.4.1? When I create a 'pack' of products in Prestashop, can I set the invoice to print the contents of the pack, not just the name of the pack?
  3. Thanks, Insnifty. That solution worked for me.
  4. I apply 0% to the group, and then 15% to individual categories.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to set up a group where I can give members of the group 15% discount on products in 2 of my categories. I set up the main discount for the group to be 0% (Will automatically apply this value as a discount on ALL shop's products for this group's members.) At the bottom of the configuration page, I then added a 'New Group Discount' of 15% for each of the categories that I want the discount applied to. What I thought this would do would be to apply 15% discount to only the 2 categories that I configured that way, all other categories would have 0% discount by default. The problem is that when a customer in that group logs in, they do not see the discount. The products in those categories set up to be 15% discount actually show up as 0%. So it seems that the 0% discount is being applied to all categories, and it's not picking up the 2 categories with 15% discount applied. Am I setting it up wrong? Any help or pointers much appreciated. Cheers, Bern
  6. Stock Movement for Cancelled Orders

    Thanks, Tom. That worked perfectly! Just like you said, in order to return the products to our stock, I had to go to the 'Products' section of the cancelled order in the back office and 'Refund Products' for all of the products in the order. Then the 'Stock Movement' was correctly recorded. I guess this way is more flexible, because it gives you the choice of restocking all, some, or none of the items for a cancelled order, which may be what you want depending on the situation. Nice.
  7. When an item is ordered from my store, Stock Movement is automatically decremented by the number of items ordered, and the Reason is set to 'Order'. eg Product Name:No Moo Piquant Quantity: -1 Reason: Order ID Order:1542 If I cancel the order, the Stock Movement does not increase to take account of the cancelled order. What I would like to see is for the Stock Movement to be automatically incremented: eg Product Name:No Moo Piquant Quantity: +1 Reason: Cancelled Order ID Order:1542 Does anyone know if there is there something I need to set in the Back Office for this to happen for cancelled orders?
  8. Line 154 and 155 of \classes\PDF.php in version elseif (file_exists(_PS_IMG_DIR_.'/logo.jpg')) $this->Image(_PS_IMG_DIR_.'/logo.jpg', 10, 8, 0, 15);