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  1. Did something changed regarding the PayPal express checkout? Did they solved this bug?
  2. You are right. The problem is with the eBay script which gets the live feedback. I'll see a workaround. Thanks
  3. I'm using firebug but I don't see the error. What is it, or where can I find it exactly? Thx
  4. I have the same problem: http://www.okzam.co.uk/window-regulator-kits-clips/10-audi-a4-electric-window-regulator-repair-front-left.html When I click the image nothing happens. If there are multiple images for a product they open in another page when clicked. I have upgraded the original js files to my theme but it didn't work. Can anybody help me?
  5. I have a problem on the product's page. It seems that the Javascript is not working. I can see this when I click on the thumbnail image; no larger image is showing (e.g. fancybox). When I click on More details nothing happens. This is happening on all website. Here's a page: http://www.okzam.co.uk/window-regulator-kits-clips/10-audi-a4-electric-window-regulator-repair-front-left.html Thanks
  6. Hi. I like to display on the home page all of the manufacturers as displayed on the manufacturers page. I placed this {include file="$tpl_dir./manufacturer-list.tpl"} under {$HOOK_HOME} in index.tpl I can see the the home page and also the section with the manufacturers. The problem is that the section doesn't show the manufacturers but: There are no manufacturers. How can I make this work. Thx
  7. Hi. I want to send to customer's email, after he bought the product, a link with installation instructions. Is this possible? Thank you.
  8. Hi. I want to send to customer's email, after he bought the product, a link with an YouTube movie with installation instructions. It's not a download link. Is this possible? Thank you.
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