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  1. Because the file is there and if I access it directly is working: http://www.girlyhandbags.co.uk/404.php
  2. It has the same issue but I didn't notice it until a couple of days ago when I tested for it. Unless there isn't the case of 404 it doesn't happen. Maybe there is something with the redirect from htaccess and the way Litespeed handles this.
  3. I spoke with the hosting company and they said without an error message they don't know what's not working. Do you know what difference between the Apache and Litespeed might affect Prestashop in this manner?
  4. Mike I can paste it here. It's a small code and there is nothing sensitive. # .htaccess automaticaly generated by PrestaShop e-commerce open-source solution # WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE MANUALLY. IF NECESSARY, ADD YOUR SPECIFIC CONFIGURATION WITH THE HTACCESS GENERATOR IN BACK OFFICE # http://www.prestashop.com - http://www.prestashop.com/forums <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> # URL rewriting module activation RewriteEngine on # URL rewriting rules </IfModule> # Catch 404 errors ErrorDocument 404 /404.php
  5. I've deactivated friendly URLs but no change: http://www.girlyhandbags.co.uk/fgdfg
  6. it didn't Before I had friendly url enabled it acted the same. It displayed 404 page not found but it didn't redirect to 404 page. If you like I can disable friendly url to see what it does.
  7. In my opinion it's very strange that there is no warning or error, it just doesn't redirect to 404 It's not the first Prestashop that I install. Others are doing good (e.g. http://www.okzam.co.uk/fdgsdfg which is The theme has an 404.tpl file.
  8. This is and this one www.magicaccessories.co.uk which is ready, and has the same problem, is
  9. Hi. I installed Prestashop and it's working fine except that instead of displaying the 404 page when an address is incorrect it displays a white page. I tried everything, including deleting and reinstalling. It's still the same. I also changed this in the config.inc but it doesn't show any error: @ini_set('display_errors', 'off'); define('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_', false); How can I know what's the problem? The link is here: http://www.girlyhandbags.co.uk/ Just type any asjdfam after / and you'll see what I'm talking about. Anyone knows about this?
  10. So I basically want to count the number of lines from the cart (not the number of products) and update all the numbers when a line is removed.
  11. I used name="item_name_'+jsonData.nbTotalProducts+'" which is working fine as long as I add products. When I remove them it's a problem.
  12. When an item is being removed from the cart all the var i needs to update. e.g. name="quantity_1", name="quantity_2", name="quantity_3" if I delete the first item then the counting should start from 1 again name="quantity_1", name="quantity_2"
  13. I solved with the quantity. How do I increment a variable $i each time a new different product is being added in the cart? I want to change name="quantity_'+i+'" like name="quantity_1", name="quantity_2" etc
  14. I managed to insert it in ajax-cart.js like this var content = '<dt class="hidden" id="cart_block_product_' + domIdProduct + '">'; content += '<input type="text" name="quantity_'+i+'" value="' + this.quantity + '">'; I still have 2 issues: - update quantity (now only says 1 and when I buy the product again it doesn't update - increment var i Can somebody help me?
  15. Hi guys, I want to insert a form in blockcart.tpl. It has to be visible only when I add products in the cart. The problem is I need to refresh the page, after I add a product to display it. On the other hand when I delete the product from the cart it disappears straight away. Here is one input from the form I want to add <input type="text" name="quantity_{$i}" value="{$product.cart_quantity}"> Can you help me? Thanks
  16. How can I display the shipping cost in the product.tpl? I tried with $shipping_cost but this only displays it when the product is in cart. What's the variable name for shipping cost? Thanks
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