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  1. Hi, I'm looking for the answer to a common sense question: Can I search a Prestashop website only in the current level? What do I mean by this: Usually if you are iin the root and you type something in the quick search field it will return all the results from the whole website. If I enter a category and I search for the same terms I'll get the results from the whole website. It should only return the results from that category. I'm not talking about advanced search, just the Quick search to return the results only for the website's level where the visitor is in. Do you know of such an option? I haven't found one. Thanks.
  2. Another installation of the New Products Carousel here: http://www.magicaccessories.co.uk/
  3. The module is now available on the addons market: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/payments-gateways-prestashop-modules/6216-Buy-Now-button-with-PayPal-from-Cart.html
  4. The module can now be bought from market: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/payments-gateways-prestashop-modules/6216-Buy-Now-button-with-PayPal-from-Cart.html
  5. This is a very powerful Buy now button module for PayPal: http://www.web4infinity.com/prestashop-modules/buy-now-button-with-paypal-from-cart.html It will soon be available on the addons market.
  6. Check out this module Buy now button with PayPal from cart. Customer clicks only once, and by once I mean ONCE. Everything else acts as normal in the BO.
  7. Description Unregistered users can buy the whole cart with 1 click. When they are done adding products to the cart they click the Pay Now with PayPal button. Advantages This is a very useful tool that can be offered to your customers. It saves them a lot of time and it’s a major milestone in helping them decide to buy. People who don’t have time to register on your website will use this button to make the purchase. Therefor it will increase your revenue. Also, they will get registered in your BO along with their orders. Features: Buy whole cart with one button Buyers can use discount vouchers also Registers the user into the database from the information provided by PayPal Inserts address Inserts order Modifies product(s) stock Sends user’s login details to his email The module can be seen in action here: http://www.magicaccessories.co.uk/ It will be available for download also from the Addons Market for £159 very soon. Any comments or questions can be addressed here or on [email protected]
  8. Hi, This issue is solved in the current version of the module. Please download the latest version. We'll be happy also to see your website with our module installed, if you can post a link to it! Regards, Adrian
  9. @moderators can someone make the results of the poll public please (i.e. to see who voted what)? Thanks
  10. We are an UK Company called Web 4 Infinity ltd., based in Birkenhead. So far we've developed these 2 modules available in the Addons section: New products carousel Search by colour I'm not sure if they fit in your criteria. We have also developed this Pay Now button with PayPal. www.okzam.co.uk/ How it works, you put products in your cart and when you're done you click which takes you to PayPal for the payment; no registrations, no multiple steps. Just one click! If there might be a need for this in the add-on section we can refine it and put it into an installable module. Cheers
  11. Hi guys, Many people that I know had first an eBay store before opening a Prestashop. I think that's because it's cheaper and you can do it yourself. I am curious though what is your situation. Please answer my poll. There might also be a price here somewhere Thanks
  12. It seems I resurrected a 2 years old topic. Sorry!
  13. What sort of eBay templates? Something like these? http://stores.ebay.co.uk/MagicalAccessories http://stores.ebay.co.uk/GirlyHandbags http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Okzam
  14. The module can now be bought from HERE For any kind of support or questions related to this module you can contact me directly.
  15. The module can be downloaded from HERE Module price: £44.99 The module is developed by Web 4 Infinity ltd., an UK based company. For any questions or support you can use: - this post - PM on Prestashop forum
  16. Here is a working demo Features: Search by color Color pickers Each color has its own title Colors are taken from the color attribute from the back-office Filter products by their colors
  17. A module to search by color will soon be available in the Add-ons section. Here are a few highlights. If you sell products where color matters (e.g. fashion, jewellery, electronics etc.) than you want to make it easy for your customers to find what they need. By clicking a colored block a search is performed with the name of the color. All the products that have that color as an attribute or in tile or in description will be displayed. Here are some print screens: I'll post a demo link soon...
  18. Here are a few screenshots of the New products carousel: The New products carousel will be available soon for buying from Prestashop Addons. Features: Latest products carousel Dynamic slideshow with new products Has product description and title With link to products page Number of images can be set from back-office Image size can be set from back-office
  19. Hi, We are an UK company which makes quite decent custom Prestashop designs: http://www.web4infinity.com/portfolio.php#E-shop Let me know if we can be of any help to you. Cheers
  20. We just developed a New products carousel for home page: http://www.magicaccessories.co.uk/ Latest products carousel displays the newest products from the catalogue. Products have image, name, description and link to their page. The number of newest products displayed can be set from the back-office along with image size. The design can be customized through CSS. Features: Latest products carousel Dynamic slideshow with new products With text description With link to products page Number of images can be set from back-office Image size can be set from back-office The module will be available for download from the Prestashop addons section.
  21. Hi, My prestashop is looking for images in the wrong place. http://www.girlyhandbags.co.uk/ In the product page they are loading fine, from where they should be. On the home page it's trying a different path. You can see this in the right column New products block. "NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://www.girlyhandbags.co.uk/img/p/4/3/6/436-medium.jpg" I tried, regenerating the thumbnails, moving the images, generate htaccess file. None of the above worked. Can someone help me? Thanks
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