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  1. I can't load admin too. Not in Not in I don't know how to get to your error, but when I turn on Debugging in Safari, I get this line in Activity menu: data:text/css, and the usual: Internal Server Error Can you tell me how did you get to your error? I can try to replicate your effort and if what I get. Now PS is not even usable. May be it is time to move onto something else... when we can't even get to the admin functions, there is nothing we can do!
  2. Finally managed to complete the installation of on OSX. Go straight to admin (back office) page. Under this URL /adminXXX/index.php I get "Internal Server Error". That doesn't go very far. Ummmm.... Now what? PS: the same is for 1.4.7.x
  3. I found out why the screen "Shop Configuration" won't proceed.... it is becos I chose a non-United States country!!!! Once I switch it to US, the installation can be completed. Duh! PS: I'm very surprised that no one seems to have come across this issue! All PrestaShop users are within the US? :-)
  4. Could it due to the fact that the installation is not yet completed? As I said in the first post, at screen "Shop Configuration", I filled in all the information, click lower right hand button "Next". The screen greyed out, a brief moment later, it returns to the same screen. No matter how many times I click "Next". So may be something is already wrong there. Running on OS X 10.6 client.
  5. Just installed, besides some minor issue in the Installer (it stucks in page "Shop Configuration" even after pressing Next button), it seems to run fine. I even got an email telling me "Your personal login information", with email address and password in clear text. However, when I try to log into the Admin page I get : Employee does not exist or password is incorrect. Ummm... this is really strange. Please help me.
  6. I am trying to install a number of templates for v1.3.x under v1.3.7.0 using Template Installer v1.4, and all of them failed. I use Local File .zip to install. Upon clicking on button Next, I get an empty content screen. Please see screen capture. In apache2, I can see there is a single entry of return code 500, bad internal error. There is no log directory inside prestashop directory. Any advice?
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