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  1. Hi, I have not touched the invoice template, but It's slightly broken for me as the product price gets stretched over two "rows" so it looks very messy. Have a looked on attached, also product reference is followed after product name usually which I don't need. So bacily I need the product information to fit to "one row". Best regards // Joakim IN001000.pdf
  2. Still looking for help regarding this, I have now got tracking but no conversion tracking! An1 would know why that might be? Best regards // Joakim
  3. So I need this picked up again becouse I had helped with it being fixed. But then it didn't track conversion correctly, tried to install the official module to try and get it to work again. But no go, so I'd really really apreciate help!
  4. Hi, I have a problem with carts, the link tools > shopping carts give me this error Kontrollerfil hittades inte Controllerfile not found. And if I go through orders and adbanoned carts I get this error: Access denied. Anyone have any idea to why?
  5. So I've upgraded my site from 1.4.9 to But somehow analytics won't work for me anymore using same code and all only upgraded the official module to latest version. An1 could tell me what's wrong? Adress is: http://www.blingskal.com/
  6. I "finally" atleast came a bit forward in my tries. Will try more stuff tomorrow. Atleast I have gotten into BO of my localcopy now. Sort of atleast with a fresh install and copied DB expect employee field. Will experiment a bit more. Messed up when experimenting, will update u on the subject when I have news.
  7. I don't know what version you are on, but I would say it's standard login for atleast below 1.5. Anyway i should get redirected so it's correct but I don't understand why I get back / redirected from index.php to login.php (which is what I get no matter if correctly logged in or not) /* Redirect to admin panel */ if (isset($_GET['redirect'])) $url = strval($_GET['redirect'].(isset($_GET['token']) ? ('&token='.$_GET['token']) : '')); else $url = 'index.php'; if (!Validate::isCleanHtml($url)) die(Tools::displayError()); It's so incredible frustrating to not be able to mess about and explore the new ps versions just becouse of that I seems to have correct backup of my site. But the site won't let me login properly :S
  8. So now I've tried the same thing with XAMPP and I get the same exact problem. Come on som1 must have gotten this problem and couldn't solve it by clearing cache and / or removing .htaccess. So when I enter to login in BO I have this adress: admin/login.php When entering correct user / pw i get the following adress: admin/login.php?redirect=index.php El Patron I have tried to move it to several other domains and I can't get much ground with that either. Actually I currently should have a copy of the site on blingetui.dk but there it doesn't even show even thogh I've made the same process and configuration as moving to local. With the exception of entering correct url in both mysql database and settings ofc.
  9. Yeah doesn't seem to help for me unfortunaly. Get same problem, tried both in ie and chrome before and after clearing cookies.
  10. Yup that sure is the way to go. Or atleast just a kind remember did you check this, and then it all becomes so obvious! Thx a lot anyway, also I've contacted you on u're site. But I think I would actually be fine, or maybe even better if I tinkered with it myself. But still intrested in what qoute u come up with
  11. Ow boy now I feel really ashamed... I must have missed to switch of force compile from some troubleshooting from many many months ago :S Goddamnit! But thx that was a hell of a fast and easy fix xD Regarding the version, have been looking into upgrading for ages... But I can't seem to get a proper copy of my site set-up. Since it fairly modified and I want to modify/customize 1.6 pretty heavily too I need to have a copy I can mess around with and understand the upgrade proccess. Anyway I actually got at thread about that problem too. U've already replied to that topic and I've answered back.
  12. Hi, As above I recently noticed that my FO is extremly slow but BO is okey speed. Could anyone take a look and give me a hint? It's www.blingskal.com
  13. As I've tried to explain it takes my user / pw and just kicks me back to the login screen. And if i enter incorrect user / pw it says that it was invalid. So clearly it accept the correct user / pw. But I still wind up at the login screen again. I really have no clue how to fix that .htaccess is removed from the local installation.
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