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  1. Salut,


    Il y a une erreur dans ton fichier css, tu a ceci :


    .col-sm-4, header .row #header_logo {
        width: 33,33333%; }
    alors que tu devrait avoir ça :
    .col-sm-4 {
        width: 33.33333%; }
    header .row #header_logo {
      width: 31.33333%; }
    Il y a 2 erreurs mais celle qui fait bugger c'est la virgule !
  2. Oui donc y'a bien un souci de retour ajax, soit une variable qui est vide ou n'existe même pas du coup la génération du tpl bug, faut checker toutes les infos du retour ajax et voir ou ça plante dans le tpl, si tu regarde dans la console (réseaux) sur la requête tu n'a pas de message d'erreur ?

  3. Pickpack - Picking Manager


    Allows the implementation environment for order picking, order management, bar code scanner.

    What this module provides you

    With this module you will be able to provide your employees and logisitic order pickers a dedicated interface to facilitate and improve their work.

    To do this you have at your disposal an integrated web application to your store, the module configuration section allows you to define some general paramêtres as the style of the application, the time-standby application and profiles PrestaShop allowed to connect to the application.

    This tool will allow you to accurately track the preparation of your order, forgotten and missing products, lsite commands to prepare is directly available to your employees that may support the preparation and focus on their work without having to connect this to the administration of your shop and find the pages they need.

    Everything is concentrated in a single application that allows order pickers to perform their work with speed and efficiency.

    What your customers will love

    Your customers will feel the speed and thoroughness of the work of your employees with the implementation of this application on your PrestaShop store


    Link => Pickpack Manager











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  4. Poll & Survey

    This module gives you the ability to very quickly and easily satisfaction or quick survey questionnaires. [/size]

    For that, you have at your disposal a step to form for the implementation of your questionnaires offering you to create either a survey or investigation, whether to allow the responses of non-registered customers (visitors) and to implement or not, a voucher for people who answered the questionnaire.[/size]

    After stating the general settings on the questionnaire as the title, description, the terms of use ..., it will be asked to add your questions, several question types are available as :[/size]

    The text field

    The textarea field

    The radio button

    The check box

    Question Yes / No

    Question Star

    Question Star Multiple


    On certain issues it is possible to activate an option "Other" that automatically add a free text field for the respondent to indicate his own answer to the question posed. [/size]

    Types "[/size]radio button" and "[/size]check box" can be positioned horizontally or vertically depending on the desired option, the preview button available on every questionnaires configuration pages'll help you set up quickly and visually questions the position of questions is also adjustable to properly position your questionnaire.[/size]

    The last step of creating form to set the display of the questionnaire to do so several choices are offered as :[/size]

    The display on product pages (Choice products)

    The display on the CMS pages (Choice CMS Page)

    L'affichage sur les colonnes (Right / Left)

    The display throughout the store by Shortcode (Generate Shortcode)

    Automatic notification by email to order status change (Choice order status)

    Upon validation of the generation stage to form of surveys and polls, the display will be automatic and immediate.[/size]

    Addon Link : Poll & Survey










  5. Customer Questions & Answers

    This module allows your future customers can ask questions about a product they wish to purchase to customers who have already ordered the product, a list of questions is available on the product for other customers.


    Customer issue deposit form with Article

    Sends automatic email to the customer who placed the order product

    Sends automatic responses that the customer asked

    List of customer issues

    Display page individual questions answered

    Email clients sending settings page

    Addon Link : Customer Questions & Answers






  6. Le multi-boutique permet de partager ou non les clients, catalogue ...  http://doc.prestashop.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=12124183#Gérerplusieursboutiques-Créerunnouveaugroupedeboutiques


    Si le partage à été choisi lors de la création du multi-boutique c'est tout à fait normal, y'a bien qu'une catégorie mais partagé entre les boutiques qui ont le catalogue en commun, faut revoir la configuration de ton multi-boutique si c'est pas ce que tu souhaitait en sachant qu'il faut tous refaire parce que cette option est définissable qu'au début et ne peut pas être changé après coup.

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