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  1. Using PS Same problem here, when adding <iframe> code in HTML, after saving the HTML field is blanc. It doesn't save the <iframe> code. It does save an other random HTML code. In Preferences there is no option for able/disable iframes. My codes in Validate.php look different then examples mentioned in this topic before. Thanks for your help.
  2. Ik zoek een oplossing/module waarbij ik een externe persoon producten kan laten toevoegen op mijn website. Deze persoon mag niets anders kunnen dan producten toevoegen (dus geen website beheer o.i.d.) 1 login per website is voldoende. Het hoeft geen Marktplaats te worden met verschillende logins. Het idee is om mijn domeinnaam te 'verhuren' een derden die dan eigen producten kunnen toevoegen aan mijn webwinkel. Het wordt dan hun eigen webwinkel die ik beheer. Bij voorbaat dank voor de reacties.
  3. I have several features for products which I have to individually set for every product. Some of the features are almost the same for every product. Is it possible to set the features to a value so I dont have to edit some features for every product? It could save me hours work when adding new products.
  4. I want to keep the amount of days the product is considered 'new', but I want to remove the text 'new' in the catalog page. I sell second-hand products, thats why I want to keep the recently added products, but remove the text 'new'.
  5. It is set to 755, like all the other common folders. So I think that is oke.
  6. http://www.templatemonster.com/prestashop-themes/33751.html I tested this template first on local server but I had no problems with translation. Now I installed everything again on my website, but now I have this translation issue.
  7. I have cleared the cache of my browser. Under Preferences --> Performance the force compilation is on and cache is off. I am trying to translate the module translations. I select Module and click the Dutch flag (my language). 1. I click the theme (theme127) to translate 2. the page brings me down to the translation of theme modules I fill in the empty fields (like Customization and remove this product from my cart) 3. It says it is succesfully saved. But when I go back to the module translations the fields are empty again. This is only for my theme (module) translations. Other translations havent such errors.
  8. If I go to Tools --> Translations and select the module translations I want to translate the text of my (new installed) theme. But after saving the translation it doesnt change in the frontend. If I go back to module translations in the backend the translation I wrote is gone. How can I translate the modules of my new theme in the backend?
  9. If i choose option 2, all the url's are like this: e.g./eshop When I move the files back in the root folder, wont this be a problem with the url's? Does it automatically correct the url's?
  10. I want to set up a new Prestashop. How can I set a temporary index (homepage) until I finished setting up my website?
  11. I have installed a new Prestashop online, simply with clean installation. Is there a way to import my categories, products, descriptions, productimages etc?
  12. I've set up a complete prestashop with themes, products... on my hard disk (Localhost) Now I want to go Online! But when uploading the files to my server I have problems viewing it. Some files cannot be uploaded (fatal error). Are they in use by my Localhost (xammp)? How can I put my complete prestashop (including product catalogue, descriptions, images) online?
  13. Oké! Great! Thanks for your answer! I am going to test it in the future! At least I know now that it is possible! Thansk again! If there are more suggestions from other users let me know!
  14. I want to disable the order function of a product temporary. The price is shown, but customers can't order till a time has exceeded. I want to use this for example "the deal of next week" (so people can see the product but cannot order) Is there a module or function for this?
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