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  1. Dear All, I am a new user for Prestashop CMS and using version 1.4.1(may be this is old) now i want to display more Specials products (minimum 4 at a time) in the Specials block as it is showing only one right now, can any one with the solution guide me solution for this and brief me the steps to alter the code in php and tpl files to get this issue done. THANKS IN ADVANCE
  2. Hi All, I too am in need of the same solution i need to display only active or Current category and its subcategory in its respective category page not all the categories , please brief me the steps to do the changes in code in respective files more importantly i am using PRESTASHOP VERSION 1.4.1 please help me in this regard thanks in Advance. Anil
  3. Hi Rocky, thanks for u r continuous support for the new users in Prestashop, Iam very new to prestashop and am using version 1.4.1 now i have an issue regarding displaying the categories, the thing is that i want to display only active Category (the one i have selected) and its Subcategories in my page and other categories should not be displayed is that possible and please brief me all the steps in respective files to do the needed changes that will help me a lot. Anil Bangalore
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