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  1. hello just installed a fresh version of 1.7.3 , when testing checkout, adding address info and clicking continue, it goes out from checkout process to account page.. is this a normal behavior of 1.7.3 or a bug? thanks Matan
  2. hello i would like that only 1 voucher can be used per order. i know about "compatible with other voucher" but i want it to be auto, for any voucher and not manually need to change it for each voucher. how can i do that?
  3. when looking deeper into the issue i can see this error message: http://prntscr.com/g8ck4x <b>Warning</b>: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/metalice/public_html/controllers/admin/AdminCartRulesController.php:122) in <b>/home/metalice/public_html/classes/controller/AdminController.php</b> on line <b>1829</b><br /> this message dont appear in debug mode and everything works correctly... but not in debug mode it shows.. while i didnt made any changes to admincartrule nor admincontroller... help will be appreciated guys!
  4. hi, i have a problem that i cannot see Compatibility with other cart rules as in the screenshot: but if debug mode is turn on so i can see the vouchers.... what is it?? how to fix it?? thank you
  5. what do you mean by that? "PS 1.7. in production. This will be a transitional version to the next which should be symfony. Now we have part of old and part of new and several of bugs." i understand what you are saying, but this is current situation we are facing and we need a solution, upgrading using 1click is not a solution right now..
  6. its dedi server. i have cpanel+whm, the root change of addon domain works perfectly. as i mention with our index.html file that we tested. its something relate to PS script while loading the index file its redirect to /public_html/index and not stay in /public_html/domain1/ this is the only issue.. and about the migration process - we done it like that as our ps db was huge because of unnecessary modules once installed, we preferred a clean install and import only needed data, its actually a very easy process using the module i mention above except the problem that i described which is also unrelated to the module as well...
  7. Ill explain detail by detail what have been done and what is the problem as you think there was upgrade made and there wasn't none. - We have a 1.6 store running for a few years now. - We wanted to migrate to 1.7 as we think there is a lot of benefits from UX point of view. - Currently setup of store 1.6 is as follows: our domain, lets call it domain1.com , its root file folder is /public_html/ - ps 1.6 installed on this folder - this is an addon domain on cpanel. - We download and install 1.7 to folder /public_html/domain1.com/ - using completely new DB and DB user. - We received a brand new 1.7 store, with url www.domain1.com/domain1.com - All is working correctly -> 1.6 store continue to be our live store while we are working on the empty store of 1.7. - We installed the migration addon on the 1.7 store and migrate the data (customer, products,cms, images, etc) from 1.6 to 1.7 using this module https://addons.prestashop.com/en/data-migration-backup/8934-migrationpro-prestashop-to-prestashop-migration-tool.html - All is working good -> new store 1.7 contain all data from 1.6 store. 1.6 store still production store as we are working on design and other modules setup in 1.7 store. - 2 days ago we finished working on 1.7. - 1.7 store is ready for production and dealing with new visitors. - Now the problem start: - while going to cpanel -> addon domain -> change root directory -> point from /public_html/ (where 1.6 installed) to /public_html/domain1.com/ (where the new 1.7 store is located) - we thought its a simple step as the domain root directory will be /public_html/domain1.com/ and will load the 1.7 store. - cleaned browser cache, - opcahce and memcached are disabled on server. -What happen in reality: - while try to open domain1.com we thought it will open the new 1.7 store without any problem as its working perfectly BUT: - The index file is still loading from /public_html/ and NOT /public_html/domain1.com/ . While index file is trying to load resources like scripts, images, css from /public_html/doamin1.com/ -that means that domain1.com is still trying to load index from 1.6 store located at /public_html/ while the index file is trying to locate the resources from the new defined root folder, causing the 1.6 to look broken (no css, etc.) - we first thought its server/cpanel issue, so we made tests, we uploaded a new index.html file into /public_html/domain1.com/ and browser load it correctly while going to www.domain1.com - so we came to a conclusion that this is a prestashop issue, which means, while going to www.domain1.com , the prestashop 1.7 files or DB(??) is trying to load/redirect to the index file on /public_html/ instead of /public_html/domain1.com - ive posted this issue hoping someone can help us sort it out, where/what to edit so it will load the right index file from /public_html/domain1.com and not go back to /public_html/ is it more clear now? thank you for all your help. Matan
  8. sorry maybe i wasnt clear, those are 2 different shops, 1.7 is setup and installed brand new and i used the migration module (bought from addon store) to transfer all old data into new 1.7 , all data is there. only issue is the loading of index file which i dont understand why its acting like that, as explained above.
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