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  1. Hi I have a question about that email. First, where do I translate the "Order conformation"? I know I can translate all other order statuses in back office, but I can't find this one. Also, as far as I understand the order conf email is send whenever you have checked "Send e-mail to customer when order is changed to this status", so customers gets always 2 mails. But now I have a problem when someone pays via cash on delivery, the order conf email is not copleted. I get empty variables, for example: {delivery_company} , {delivery_other} ... With wire payment the email is ok. thanks
  2. Hi Ok, I am a little bit confused about the order numbers. In PDF invoice the order number is printed like: 000003 In the email, you have {id_order} which is only 3 (without the leading zeros) and the other {order_name} which is #000003 So I see three different formats for the same order! Now, of course I would like the order id to be the same the all time as it can confuse customers, so, I was wondering which variable to use in the email to be the same as in pdf (that is 000003) Thank you
  3. Hi I have a problem with the payment modules. I have activated (and configured) the wire transfer payment option, but it does not display on the checkout. The paypal and COD displays fine, only the bank wire wont. The wire module is enabled and with no error icons. What could be wrong? regards edit: nevermind i got it I didn't see the country restriction table
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