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  1. Hi their. Im looking for this function : I need 1 coupon that gives : 2% on category A 4% on category B 6% on category C 12% on this selected products. Is their any module out their that can do this function for me ?
  2. Can i limit the number of units in stock shown to the customer ?? Lets say i have product 1 in stock, and i have like 1234 units in stock. How do i then just show "20+ in stock" instead of 1234 units in stock ?
  3. TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to confirm the order Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: error So simpel can the code be when a customer is trying to checkout in our prestashop store. The customer have a discountcode of the full value of 300 DKK The customer wants to buy a item for 299 DKK So the system will based on the settings need to create a new code for the customer with the value of 1 DKK But the system don't even let him checkout with a order value on 0 DKK Anyone know how to fix this ? I run
  4. One time pay er altid en god ting Kom bare med det. Jeg bruger IEX.dk lige nu til mit gamle, men det med at betale en fast mdr gebyr nej tak. Så hellere 500kr.- også virker det bare. Kig på IEX hvordan de gør nu, så kan du tage lidt fra dem, og lave modulet. Men ja så længe det virker og det virker til både 1.6.x og til 1.7.x Så bare kom igang
  5. Har kiggede over alt, synes jeg. Men intet har jeg fundet. Finder der nogen gratis måde at tilføj ens betingelser til ens e-mails ? De skal gerne sendes ud som PDF. Gider ikke sende dem ud som tekst i e-mailen, men det kan blive udvejen hvis der ikke lige findes en god og effektiv måde
  6. Hallo thier I have a PS, that i want to upgrade or make a fresh doing to some errors in the code. I have a database with lots of order/customer and products, that i want with in the new PS. So what i need is the following: How do i get all my prestashop informations over in the, upgrading or a new install .?? I have tryed the following. I have tryed to follow guides from the forum on how to manual upgrade from to 1.5 without any luck in the database. I have tryed to use the 1-click autoupgrade, but with that i keep getting lots of errors. Error 1. When opening the autoupgrade thing i get this error unable to create file /data/home/customda/public_html/cassim/autoupgrade/backup/index.php Error 2. So when pressing the upgrade i get the following error below Javascript error (parseJSON) detected for action "upgradeNow".Starting restoration... What to do ? How do i get this working for me. ? The most important for me is that i can get the following content with over in a new site. CMS content Products / Category Customers Orders Module settings All other information is useless, just this 5 points. Hope you can help me or bring a point up for me how to fix it.
  7. Hallo their. Im looking for a coder that can do some work for me. I need a link like this one http://webdanes.dk/shop/steelseries-siberia-v2-2050p.html If you here press the text inside the red mark you will get a list showing the cheapest standard shipping cost and some payment fee. As you can see here its showing the Items price + Shipping cost + Payment fee = Total And most important is that you can click it and its not a mouse over. I will now like a module or a script that can code me the same setting. I use ePay as payment gateway and run my payment fee through that.
  8. Noget til 1.4.9 ? Har haft lidt problemer med at finde noget der virker
  9. Hallo their Im looking for a "hack" that can fix a stable customer service signatur every time for each of my customerservice agents. Under the Admin section "AdminContacts" is their a place where you can set the signatur. But this is shared for all agents. So can we change that so every agent get a signatur ?
  10. Hej alle Under "AdminContacts" ligger der en mulighed for at tilføje en fast signatur til kundeservice delen. Er det muligt og ændre denne sådan at det bliver en fast kundeservice signatur til hver medarbejder. ? Vi er nu fast 3 medarbejder, der kan tilgå disse og det ville være dejligt nemt hvis de alle sammen kan få en fast signatur sådan at de ikke skal bruge tid på at skrive en hver gang de besvare en kundeservice besked.
  11. Hallo Im trying to get my products show incl vat on my page. All are set right as i can see in the database and like that. But the products are still shown without vat in their product page. Are you able to help me on this ?
  12. Hallo their. I will need someone to help me fix my Checkout process. What i need this checkout to do.: Allow customers to checkout. - Without any other information given that this. - If the Customer [email protected] is not logged in and still checkout with his e-mail. The system will run the order into the customers account. So when he login again he will be able to find his order, as if he had made it as a customer. Allow Guest to checkout. - This checkout is designed to make it fast to checkout and have removed all useless information. so when the guest checkout his order will get record on the e-mail he uses doing the checkout. All payments to use ePay payment gateway. - When pressing the orange bottom(look the image) "Til Sikker Betaling" the ePay popop will have to show, and take care of the payment. The ePay is a module that have been installed on the site already. any tech info for this module can be found here http://tech.epay.dk/ And they are all in english. Also i will need a coder that can make this work fast, as we have a big ad running in december month and it need to be done before that.
  13. Im been trying to contact him on skype. But without any luck. Im from Denmark so it might be +2 hours or so.. for him. I normal speak with him at 6:00-14:00 But the last week he have been unable to get in contact with. And the site is missing this fix ASAP !
  14. Hallo Their. When i right now trying to place a order on my website, everything goes fine. BUT The customers will be send back to their cart showing a empty cart, instead of a confirm page. The order will be process in the system so both the product information and payment will go true. That leaves me with a order without any customer information in my backend order system. Im using Prestashop with ePay payment gateway (http://epay.dk) version 4.2. With a codes checkout by Romeo.Tran here from the prestashop forum. As i have been unable to get in contact with Tran the last few times i must now offer this bugfix to a other coder. ! Please contact me on skype mabuhansen or on e-mail salg @ customdata.dk Your service is needed here and now ! And is ofc payed. What to do. 1. get in contact with me to get access to the site 2. Find the problem in the code and give a price to fix it. 3. Fixing the problem.
  15. Hallo their. I am looking for a coder that for some cheap price can code me a module like this index.php?tab=AdminStats&module=statsproduct Just showing the manufacturer products sold. The report that it gains will need to contain the same information like the ones in my attached file. The Fields are: Product code Product name Product Price (incl vat) Product quantity a day Date of order
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