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  1. Hi all, For a future module I was exploring how to update the ps_product and ps_product_lang tables. I collected the data with this constructor: new Product(2, false, 6) First parameter is product_id Second parameter not essential in this problem. Third parameter is language_id, in this way the data for that language is also collected. I have six languages installed. There are two fields in the products_lang table that I use, link_rewrite and name. According to the Product class these two are the required fields for this table. For testing I used these values link_rewrite = '0123456789' name = '9876543210' One would expect the record for product_id = 2 and language_id = 6 in the product_lang table to contain these two values after the update. The other languages would remain unchanged. I got the following instead (just skipping the non essential fields): record for language 1, link_rewrite = 1, name = 8 2, 2, 7 3, 3, 6 4, 4, 5 5, 5, 4 6, 6, 3 So all six languages have changed, but the fields contain just one character, and the characters are in the order of the fields I supplied, excluding the first character. I have provided two files AdminTest.php for the admin\tab directory test.php for the root of prestashop Where am I going wrong? test.zip
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