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  1. Thats it. my Prestashop hangs only when I try to reach the Modules list and finally I get an 'Internal server error' message. Its ok with positions and catalog, and fails again with payment modules listing Any help is welcome.
  2. Man, so many thanks, this was really helpful to me. edit: tested and works in ps
  3. Hi Vekia, first of all, ty for this module and your overall help in this forums I installed featuredproducts fine. But I now want to move it to another hook, so i did the usual: Add hook register on install() function: if (!parent::install() || !$this->registerHook('header') || !$this->registerHook('addproduct') || !$this->registerHook('updateproduct') || !$this->registerHook('deleteproduct') || !$this->registerHook('categoryUpdate') || !$this->registerHook('displayHomeTab') || !$this->registerHook('displayHomeTabContent') || !$this->registerHook('displayHome') || !$this->registerHook('displayRight')) and create a duplicate hook function for my hook: public function hookDisplayRight($params) { return $this->hookDisplayHomeTabContent ($params); } this usually works (I also tried calling hookDisplayHome), but not with this module. I guess its something related to index page, but i'm not sure as my php-fu is very limited. Can you help me? Ty anyway
  4. hi vekia, thnx for your excellent work I followed carefully your 2 tuts (extended mce for 1.6 and fancybox gallery) I have presta and: - tinymce is extended, but not completely as in the images of your tutorial: i do see new items, like add emoticons, add date... but when adding imgs or links I cannot see the tabs (advanced, popup, event) so I can't add the fancybox class to the link unless I do it manually on the code editor. - so I can set a fancybox gallery in cms, but not as easily as you did. Is presta 1.6.1 different in any way? Can I fix this? ps. also i got cdata instead of script type tag, but it works anyway. Thnx a lot
  5. Pal, gotta give you a big thanks, saved me a headache. On index page I used some elements extended to 1000% and this caused the menu to cease working, and you gave me the solution, wich is great because I cannot figure out anything javascript.
  6. I need to hook Mail alerts module to hookRightColumnProduct, a task that i found easy before, adding a simple function to php file duplicating one of the existing hooks. Now this mail alerts module has only a displayHeader hook, and replicating it in mailalerts.php like public function hookDisplayRightColumnProduct($params) { return $this->hookDisplayHeader($params); } just doesnt work. It doesnt break, but I get no result: the module still shows on product central column and nothing on the right. Also there are a lot of new Views files that i dont understand Can anybody help me on this? Ty all
  7. Its a install, in wich i made several data imports to database. Now I cant use payment modules like 'cash on delivery' and 'bank transfer'. Both give an error, consisting in a failed insert to ps_orders. Changing an order status also fails. The weird detail is that this insert fails because Prestashop generates it with an extra field, 'extra_shipping_tax' that doesnt exist in the table 'ps_orders'. I don't have any clue how presta came to build a query to this table with 45 fields when ps_orders has 44, and where this 'extra_shipping_tax' field comes from. Please post if you encountered any similar error, or you have any idea of why this may happen. I suspect some of the changes i made to the database may cause the error, but I don't know where or what to look for. Ty in advance, any clue, any hint will help.
  8. According to docs, i can still use displayLeftColumnProduct, but it doesnt work properly. Adding this hook to a module, say Customer Loyalty, will show the module in the center column of the product page, instead of where it is supposed, under the product image. Same for displayRightColumnProduct, Am I mistaken? Shouldnt the module appear under the product image, inside pb-left-column div?
  9. jacksleep, as i posted in another topic, if you have version lower than I recommend you to install it. I found a lot of bugs in and all disappeared with .0.5
  10. I got this (and many other problems) solved after I upgraded to version I didn't test it extensively yet, but at first glance ie8 and even ie7 look ok with it. If you have version I strongly recommend to upgrade to Version 0.2 gave me a lot of headaches and I nearly gave up with presta 1.6. Version .2 was a severe pain in the ass. This is a summary of the problems I had: -ie7 and ie8 failure. -switching themes was broken, and afterwards I had changes and problems in the module positions, it was nearly impossible to fix them. -this version recommends to update 17 modules. At least three of the updates resulted in a fatal crash.
  11. update: after setting mode_dev on (because debug console doesnt work), the error I get is this: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Media::addJsDef() in /var/www/vhosts/myurl.com/httpdocs/modules/blocksearch/blocksearch.php on line 77 so, it seems the error wasnt due to block category update, but block search, wich I also did. After disabling this module I got the shop back. so, careful with the recommended upgrade in blocksearch.
  12. EDIT forget all this: these, and many, many more, were due to using version wich, after deleting and installing, i can say it was a sore mess. My fresh install of presta 1.6 crashed to a blank screen after upgrading module 'block category' BLOCKSEARCH (edit, see post below) on the back office. Mind this was a prestashop recommended upgrade on the 'modules' section, wich included upgrades for 17 modules. I had already upgraded two modules and this was the third in the list. Now the shop is broken, and uninstalling the module shows no effect whatsoever. Cache is off, forced compile is on and ctrl-f5 doesnt help any clue?
  13. Nobody? Has somebody tried 1.6 with default theme on ie7 and ie8?
  14. I have a fresh 1.6 install and I get a nearly crippled view on ie7 and ie8 with default theme on. I am using ie9 with emulation mode (f12) to see it, and i wonder if 'native' ie7 and ie8 manage better, can anybody confirm? I searched this forum and it strikes me that nobody reports same issues. In my box, ie9 goes fine, ie8 has some gross mistakes, mainly with css in list pages, and ie7 nearly fails completely. Has anyone tested this?
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