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  1. Yea, it doesn't work. Star, do you know how to change the https://www.mydomain.com to http://www.mydomain.com? Thanks for the help.
  2. What do you mean by Facebook Business Page? Can you show an image?
  3. I did not un-install any newsmodules excepts the newscore module. I will un-install all of the old mews modules and install the new ones. Thank you. After the rss, calendar modules are done, do we have to un-install any news modules? If we do, then I will wait.
  4. I got this error from newscore module: Fatal error: Call to undefined method NewsComments::displaySettings() in /home/content/yoda/html/domain/modules/newscore/classes/NewsHandler.php on line 83 in the back office Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hate to tell you, you have more problems. When I clicked on the tags links and the secure page logos from the ssl page, these are what I got.
  6. Well, if fonts.com website is down, then my site's font will not work. I don't see any benefit of doing it.....
  7. Sorry, can you tell me what did you replace the Contact-Form.php with? I got the same problem... One of the solutions i tried was to replace the Contact-Form.php in the root directory, cleared my browser cache and navigated to the contact page and that page now showed secure. I've attached my file for reference, not sure if you're using the default Contact-Form. Let me know how it goes... It works. Thank you. But I just checked on your site, and the category and tag modules links from your contact us page have IE unsecured error. And a lot of images are missing when it is using IE.
  8. Sorry, can you tell me what did you replace the Contact-Us.php with? I got the same problem...
  9. These are excellent modules, thank you for sharing.
  10. I just want to report it this module is wonderful. I un-installed every piece of old version and install this version, it works just like a charm. It is one of the best, well written, and well construed. I am afraid I didn't say it enough thank you for the great service and the modules. Wonderful. I have the comment module, should I delete it and just wait for the new one? Are we going to get the RSS feed for this module? And also how can I add the meta description for the main page? I mean the page that people go to my url xxx.com/blog/ . I know I can do it for each individual post, but what about the main page? How can I show the meta for it such as "xxx church blog is for everyone who loves Christ....." So when the Google SE does it's job, it will show this meta description? Thank you again.
  11. Hello sir, Thank you for these wonderful modules. :red: I am a little bit confused. I see there are News block v0.5 (Adds a block featuring your site news) and a module Recent News Block v0.5 (Displays recently added news). I installed both of them but I can not tell the different between these two. The recent news block is for the recent news, and what is "featuring your site news" ? How do I use it? Sorry. :shut: I know this is a stupid question.
  12. Hi Ysco, I got the same problem as you. I am using the black and white themes. Are you using this theme too?
  13. Great. I am in Orange county too. I will follow your instruction to make the table. Thank you for sharing.
  14. I am interested for your tax table. I tested it, and I think it works. If you can release it to the community, that will be nice. Thank you for sharing it.
  15. In English: How can I not include the footer? In Trench by Google: Comment puis-je comprend pas le pied de page? Thank you a lot
  16. Where can you find this full plugin? Is it selling anywhere? I am willing to pay for it. Can you show me the link? Did you find the link?
  17. This is the sale taxes that the New Yorkers suppose to pay. http://ny.rand.org/stats/govtfin/salestax.html
  18. I am in California, can I use the same files? I am totally lost.
  19. Autocomplete countries works well. At first I did not know it was there, then I say holy moly.....What a great function.... I am still setting the site up. I doubt if it will ever go live...... :-S But it work in my local. If my site goes live and I make money, I will make a donation. You have my word.
  20. It works perfect. Super module. Exactly what I want... Thank you very much. :cheese:
  21. If you allow show emails and rename it to Country, that do not fit your needs? But then where my customers can leave their email address? I want to send them a discount coupon after they sign my guest book.... more sell.... If the guest book module can show the country, others will see I have customers all over the world.... it will bring more international customers in my site.... Country and the email are the important field to me.
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