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  1. I have the same problem and it is nothing to do with CSS. CSS is only going to change the styling, the OP is right it most likely javascript related. If I find out what it is I will post back.
  2. I decided to go ahead with your idea of subcategorising everything. Unfortunately I have found I can not. I have found an issue with duplicate categories: e.g snow chains > 15" tyres > 215/70-15 snow socks > 15" tyres > 215/70-15 Is there a way to create multiple categories with the same name?
  3. I run a snow chain prestashop store... currently I think the navigation is a little confusing for the user. Snow chains are very specific to the tyre size of your car, so it makes little sense to have a customer browsing the entire 'snow chain' category. I have a little block plugin I wrote in the side bar with the relevant tyre size options which performs a search, but I can see a high drop out rate on the category page and visitors browsing the 2nd, 3rd, 4th page... which is pointless. I would like to link the category of snow chains to a page of information explaining that they need to find out their tyre size and then have a set of drop downs for them to fill out. How would it be easiest to achieve this? With a CMS page and modify the block_category plugin? My other concern is without the category list will google be able to spider the site as effectively?
  4. Any chance you can point me to how I can fix it in ... my version is quite modified so updating is not really an option. Thanks
  5. I did have 3 subdomains set up as 'media servers' in the performance tab, however it caused an issue on SSL pages as the subdomains did not have their own SSL certificates. So I disabled the media servers. Unfortunately though because I am using CCC, the media servers urls are stored in the CCC'd version of the CSS. I can't seem to get it to redo the CCC'ing. I have tried disabling and reenabling CCC but with no success. How can I force it to re do the CCCing? I am using version TIA Mark
  6. I am using PS and whenever I turn caching on I am unable to change the settings in the preferences tab. When I change a preference it says that it was successful, but when you look at the setting in the preferences you can see it hasn't changed and looking at the site itself it had an effect. It stops me from even turning the Force compile/ cache settings off. The only way I can regain control of it is to disable the cache at the bottom of the performance tab. For a while it spits out errors of missing files (I guess while it is clearing the cache). Eventually it returns to normal and I can change the settings as you would expect. I am using filesystem caching as my host does not have memcache (1&1 Shared). I really need caching as the sites performance is poor. I hope someone can point me in the right direction. TIA Mark
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