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  1. Maybe you are right about SEO but I don't know. As you see is hard to get an answer whenever random is included Maybe this is the wrong threat or forum to discuss this but what is the logic to make categories if I have to put everything on a "home" category to show them the way I want? I see "Featured" like e.g. "This week's, day's, month's etc.. Specials". Products that for a reason I want to promote for sometime which yes is logic to want to show them on homepage, but what about the rest of my products? What's the best way to promote them with Prestashop if I have more than 100 products and the product list grows as it goes?
  2. I think what Kintaro wants is to hide a category/subcategory if empty and show if not empty?
  3. Yes that would be cool, in fact this should be an option from standard installation imho. Random is more logical to me as is not convenient to keep up with feature products if you have many products. Unless you only have like 10 products to show in the whole shop which makes sense, they are all featured. Though I think Prestashop is kinda not into random showing... maybe not many need this. Been trying to do this with RSS Feed also to show random products with rss in another website without success. Maybe a subcategories thing should be inserted there but I know nothing of coding will try see how new products are coded that shows products from all categories?
  4. thank you for this module. I am wondering if there is any way to show random from subcategories too from the category set
  5. thank you thehandlestudio but still can't get random products on homepage unless I put them in home category which is not something I want to do. What I want is to get random products from all the categories without putting any in home
  6. I am trying to find this too with random products from categories on homepage as I am not using featured products
  7. I started having the same problem too today!! My settings are correct, I am using the default PS template so I don't think it's a template problem but 3 out of 5 clicks I do around the shop I get the message and have to refresh to load the shop...+ it loads very slow I don't think the slow loading is from my host as my main site which is made with Joomla loads fast and without a problem.
  8. prettiesplease I had the same problem. Do you have Layered navigation block installed/enabled? If yes uninstall it and see if this is fix your problem.
  9. Can someone help me on this? I keep trying and searching for a solution but still can't make it work...
  10. πωπω 42 views και κανείς δεν ξέρει? Δεν πειράζει, αποφάσισα να μην χρησιμοποιήσω το Prestashop ετσι κ αλιώς παρόλο που μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ... Καλή συνέχεια
  11. I guess I must have posted in the wrong forum some days ago for this so I will try here too. I thought it was simple what I am looking for but I guess is difficult since nobody knows. I want to show photos of my products on other websites so I tried RSS Feed which worked good but I want to show random products and not the same products. I use the below to use the feed for specific category but how to I randomize the products? http://www.mydomain.com/modules/feeder/rss.php?id_category=5 Please someone tell me if this can be done or not as showing the products in other website is necessary for me and want to know if I should keep on working with prestashop or find something else. Thank you
  12. Καλημέρα, Μιας και δεν πήρα καμία απάντηση από το κεντρικό φόρουμ, μήπως γνωρίζει κάποιος πως μπορώ να διαμορφώσω το RSS Feed ώστε να δείχνει random προϊόντα όταν χρησιμοποιεί το RSS Feed μου μια άλλη ιστοσελίδα? Μ' έχει παιδέψει και δυστυχώς είναι βασικό κομμάτι για μένα γιατί θέλω να δείχνω προϊόντα στην κεντρική μου σελίδα από το Prestashop η οποία είναι φτιαγμένη με Joomla.
  13. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/50456-solved-transfer-domain/ Αν και δεν γνωρίζω ακριβώς πως, δες λίγο εδώ μπορεί να σε βοηθήσει
  14. Is there any way to make the RSS products feed v0.2 to show random products? I've been searching the forum the last couple of hours without success so please if anyone knows how to do this I'd appreciate it
  15. noone knows how Packs work? what if I want to make a special offer... Get this pack...& this pack together at a lower price if bought together? can't this be done with packs? or I have a different way of view for Packs?
  16. How Packs in products work? I have the following 3 items that I want to show them individually so that each item is placed under the correct category. But these 3 items can only be found in one package. So I tried to put on Item 1 the other 2 items as a Pack and did the same with the other 2 items. But when I do that no packs are shown on products page unless I remove any pack information from the 2 items and I can only set this on one of the three items... so I have this now. Item 1 (Packed with Item 2 & 3) Item 2 (No Pack) Item 3 (No Pack) I tried with a different product lets say Item 4 to add items above in a Pack. Item 4 (Pack: Item 1 & Item 3) In product page of Item 4 it shows in the pack only Item 3? So can someone explain me how the Packs are working in I read the documentation but it doesn't give much information.
  17. όχου...κρίμας που είμαι Κύπρο θα έκανα ένα δωμάτιο για παραλία, ενα για βουνό κτλ Πολύ ωραίο αλλά θα προτιμούσα το slideshow να μην επαναλαμβανόταν σε όλες τις σελίδες παρά μόνο στην αρχική. Θα το δω πιο προσεχτικά όπως και τις υπόλοιπες όταν παω σπίτι.
  18. I can say only WOW!!! This feature should be included by default as many other logical things that are not included :/ !! Thank you lmwood for creating it and harleybill for making it work for 1.4.1. Works great for me.
  19. oriflame use Firebug with Firefox and you can find easy what changes need to be done in and to which css to make it like you want to. For category tree if I am not mistaken you have to change the padding
  20. Maybe clearing the cache will help you. I did the same with manufacturers block and it worked. Had to clear cache though.
  21. Yes is a work around that works and that's what I mostly do. Or You can type in search field of google site:prestashop.com or site:prestashop.com/forums and then type whatever you trying to find
  22. Καλησπέρα και από μένα. εντελώς νέα στο Prestasop και γενικά στα e-shops. Αν κ' εγώ κατέληξα στο Prestashop για χρησιμοποίηση του σαν κατάλογο και καθαρά σαν χόμπυ, μ΄αρέσει όμως να πειραματίζομαι με διάφορα και μπορώ να πω ότι μ' ενθουσίασε η εύκολη χρήση του. Είμαι εντελώς άσχετη με coding κτλ αλλά μετά από 1-2 μέρες που το παίδεψα λίγο ήδη άλλαξα κάποια πράγματα και το έφερα περίπου στα μέτρα που το θέλω... Τώρα είδα ότι έχει και Ελληνική κοινότητα και το χάρηκα!!!
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