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  1. Boa noite caros utilizadores, existe alguém que tenha a tradução PT para obrigado.
  2. dear friends is there any way to translate language with google translate as the old version? thanks for your attention.
  3. Dear friends, i bought a template, but the images at home and category page are disproportionate, can you tell me whow can i change size of the product images at home and category page? best regards
  4. Dear friends, can you tell me whow can i change product attributes order? i have tshirt sizes (S, M, L, XL), but prestashop orders in alphabetical mode (L,M,S,XL) thanks all.
  5. dear oxyweb all you told is right, but it does not works well on version is backoffice price witx tax is not calculated and we can't chance it thanks
  6. Dear developers, version there is a bug in backoffice: - price with tax is not calculated, the system puts the same as price without tax - the value of price with tax is always the same of price without tax Frontoffice - price only includes the tax after login, without login there is a label "tax included", but the is no tax included in cart value please can you tell me so about this?
  7. Dear friends, there is any way to show prices always with VAT. i ask this because whem i enter site and without login, prices are shown without vat at details and shopping cart. there is any way to show always prices with vat? thanks all.
  8. Dear Tomerg3 yes, we can add product to the car, but my problem still existing: - i had created the combinations for the products, but i don't want the page set a default value for product when i see their details. because people can forget to choose or change the size. do you understand me? thanks for your attention
  9. dear Mike http://abstract-wear.com/presta/product.php?id_product=10
  10. Dear users, i'm inserting products in a catalog, the products are t-shirts who can have 4 sizes (s, m, l, xl), i put that in combinations and all is right, but when i visit the products in front office it puts a default size (M). Is there any way to show product without a default size, and if user forget to select it, system will alert them. thanks your attention.
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