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  1. EasyEuro support wechat and alipay and free payment module
  2. the addons store has these module, you need to buy and install 3 modules
  3. prestashop默认没有这样的功能。需要额外开发
  4. Modules and Services -> blockcms 这个模块控制的
  5. 把新域名指向到 这个服务器,域名解析成功后,去prestashop 后台Preferences -> seo&url,把网址改掉
  6. paul


    后台 Preferences->Images ,这边可以控制系统里所有产品图片的尺寸,可以批量操作生成所有图片
  7. 后模块里搜索 Custom CMS information block
  8. 修改样式文件。product.css,强制移动样式尺寸最大 100%
  9. templatemonster.com ,或官网商店也可以买到不错的模板
  10. 批量修改产品价格 http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=686.1000925.1000774.9.8ohuXz&id=18901133149
  11. modules/blockcms.tpl find <li class="last_item">{l s='Powered by' mod='blockcms'} <a href="http://www.prestashop.com">PrestaShop</a>™</li> delete this ok
  12. http://www.prestashopkey.com/prestashop-video-tab/
  13. HOOK_FOOTER 是 prestashop 在底部的 模块 你可以再后台的 Modules Positions 找到对应的几个模块 然后再去 Modules 菜单下找到这个模块编辑模块 就可以修改底部的链接了
  14. in the category.tpl about line 90 you can see code ,and try remove the red part. {if $products} <div class="content_sortPagiBar"> {include file="$tpl_dir./pagination.tpl"} <div class="sortPagiBar clearfix"> {include file="./product-sort.tpl"} {include file="./product-compare.tpl"} {include file="./nbr-product-page.tpl"} </div> </div> {include file="./product-list.tpl" products=$products} <div class="content_sortPagiBar"> <div class="sortPagiBar clearfix"> {include file="./product-sort.tpl"} {include file="./product-compare.tpl"} {include file="./nbr-product-page.tpl"} </div> {include file="./pagination.tpl"} </div>
  15. great it's a good idea and i can develop meet your need
  16. you can use product tag instead of attribute for filtering. it maybe a good way
  17. open the theme footer.tpl remove code <div id="right_column" class="column grid_2 omega"> {$HOOK_RIGHT_COLUMN} </div> then edit the css
  18. 你可能开启了后台的 Maintenance 选择 登录后台 Preferences Maintenance Enable Shop 选项选中 yes 保存 ,刷新前台页面看下 good luck
  19. 可以修改下支付流程中的 运输方式
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