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  1. Hello, I think I have found a bug. If I set the conditons to fix 5EUR COD when the cart is less than 150EUR the fee on the frontend will be 0. If I do the test on the backend then it says 5EUR will be added so the conditions should be fine. Strangely if I set the condition to more than 150EUR than it's adding the 5 EUR (even if the cart value less than 150EUR) Anyone has the same issue?
  2. Okay guys...I just asked a question Of course you can't see positive words on forum. If everything is working fine we are not writing here to use developers time. By the way if you think like how many people using prestashop and how many issues are reported it's turns out it's not that bad... We have issues with windows as well but still using it right?
  3. I have the same as on the image attached by karola. I know it's beta and I'm not using it at the moment on live site. I just uploading products on localhost at the moment and I think it will be out when I will be ready. I just wanted to know if I'm doing something wrong or it's an issue with it.
  4. Don't know how it's happening, but after saving a product with features it's alright. After editing however all the features duplicateing on admin. After one more edit all of them are there 3 times. Also the feature name is missing just the values are there. Does anyone knows what is happening here?
  5. i have the same problem in prestashop I'm using the COD and bankwire modules...everything was great before, but now not working. I tried to reinstall it, but nothing happens. I turned on the debug mode, but no errors on the payment page... Any idea?
  6. Hi, I want to use this module twice on my page (with different default text). I tried to copy the module, but it not wotks for me. I renamed the folder, and the files to sendtomyfriend2, and after that the database table name, and some other things. But when I click the link it's not working. Can somebody hellp to me? Please attach a modified zip file, what I can use next to the original module. Thanks
  7. My problem is: when I set up the module (ver 0.6) and I regenerate the images, it's working well. But when I upload a new image for a product it's not working (just when I regenerate everything again) Prestashop ver I want to use it only for the thickbox images (if it's count) Thanks
  8. Hi, I want to add 2 buttons to my product page, what can increase and decrease the quantity value. I add this javascript to my page: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('.qty_up img').on('click',function(){ $('#quantity_wanted').val(parseInt($('#quantity_wanted').val())+1); }); $('.qty_down img').on('click',function(){ $('#quantity_wanted').val(parseInt($('#quantity_wanted').val())-1); }); }); </script> and this code to product.tpl <span class="qty_down floatleft"><img src="{$img_dir}/qty_down.png" width="18" height="18" alt="" title="" /></span> <span class="qty_up floatleft"><img src="{$img_dir}/qty_up.png" width="18" height="18" alt="" title="" /></span> This works well, but there is a problem. The price is not updated. So when i click the increase button the quantity value is increased, when i add to cart the right value added... But if the price is 100EUR and increase the qty to 2 the price still 100EUR. Can anybody help me? Thanks
  9. Hello, I want to use the productscategory module (prestashop 1.5) on the product page. It's work perfectly but i want to move it automatically like a carousel. Can anybody help me? Thanks
  10. Hello! I want to display news on my prestashop homepage,but I don't find anything. More precisely I find blockcms module,but it didn't work for me. It was producted a white screen.I'm afraid it does not install correctly. Can someone help me? THX a lot blockcms v0.5.zip
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